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What Does Lok Tar Mean in World of Warcraft?

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Apr 8, 2022
What Does Lok Tar Mean in World of Warcraft?

If you’re playing World of Warcraft, you’ve probably wondered what the word lok tar means. While it’s certainly not a word you want to hear every day, it is a battle song in the orcish language. Although the term can be a bit gross, it can also be very descriptive and describe a hero’s temporary home. Let’s explore the meaning of lok tar and how it relates to the game.

What Is Lok Tar?

Lok tar is a traditional orcish battle song

Lok-Tar is a traditional Orcish battle cry, a greeting used by Orcs in battle. This song is often sung with an apostrophe or hyphen to indicate a victory or death. Other Orcish songs are the Lok’amon, a song about starting a family, and the Lok’tra, a battle cry.

Orcish is a common language, with most Orcs speaking some form of the language. Among those who play the game, Orcish is the primary language. Drows and Skolde also speak Orcish, and many races have their own language. The ‘translator’ in the game simply translates the words to sound like Orcish, making them almost unpronounceable. In addition, the phrase is not very poetic.

Lok tar is a character in Warcraft:

If you have ever wondered what the name of this orc character was, it’s pretty simple. Lok-Tar is a traditional orc combat cry and the orc version of the name “Vadnodno” means “OK.” Other names for this character include Mok-Natal, son of Nata. Those with this name also have other names, such as Mog “natal,” “Lok-regar,” and “Lok-tra.” The song is a traditional Orcskaya battle cry. Also, the name ‘Mage’ refers to an elite guard of Thrall. The name is close to the word “good,” and Lok-Vadnodn Dernod is a battle cry that means ‘OK’.

Another common saying that a Warcraft character uses is “Victory or death.” This phrase is uttered by an orc, who often tells you he needs more gold to survive in a fight. Another common phrase for Lok-Tar is “Victory or death.”

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