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Where The 708 Area Code Time Zone Is Located

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Dec 23, 2021
708 Area Code - Location map, time zone, and phone lookup

The 708 area code is located in Illinois and covers 724,660 phone numbers. The largest city in this area code is Joliet with a population of 129,388. If you would like to find out who owns a particular phone, then you can use a reverse lookup service like Intelius. Their report will include the owner’s name, carrier, current and past addresses, and even family members.

Where Is The 708 Area Code Used?

The 708 area code is used primarily in Illinois and is part of the Chicagoland area. This number also covers three counties in the state, including DuPage, Kane, and Kendall counties. The 708 area code once covered most of the suburbs of Chicago. In 1996, it split from area 312 and became a three-part area code. The northern suburbs were assigned the area code 847, while the western suburbs got 630.

If you live in the 708 area code, you’ll find it is mostly populated with residents from Chicago’s southern suburbs. These areas include the larger cities of Oak Park, Richton Park, and Berwyn. The 708 area code is part of the Central time zone, also known as America/Chicago. This area code was first put into service on November 11, 1989. Later, it was split into two areas: the southwestern portion of the city and the eastern part of Will County.

The 708 Area Code Is Part Of The Chicago Metropolitan Area:

The 708 area code serves the suburbs of the city of Chicago, as well as a few small towns and villages in Cook and Will counties. This area code is also home to the 988 suicide hotline. While the 708 area code is not a prime candidate for scammers, it’s not a bad choice for phone service. If you are receiving calls from unknown numbers, you should remain on high alert.

If you’re looking for a phone number in the 708 area code, it is probably the Chicago metropolitan area. It’s important to know that the 708 is the most common zip code in the region. It includes Cicero, Orland Park, Berwyn, Oak Park, and Tinley, among many other suburbs. When you’re looking for a phone number, you can find it by searching for “708” in the search engine.

The 708 Area Code Is Prone To Scammers:

Despite being an area code that hasn’t had a bad reputation, the 708 is still an area that’s prone to scammers. The number 708 area code is located in Illinois, but it’s still a popular number in the U.S. This region is home to some big cities as well as several small towns. In fact, the area code for the 708 is one of the most popular in the country.

The 708 Area Code Is Still Important To Be On The Lookout For Unscrupulous Callers:

While the 708 area code has never been associated with scams, it is still important to be on the lookout for unscrupulous callers. Those who receive phone calls from unknown numbers should be on their guard and look for negative feedback or low Trust Factor ratings. In addition to this, be cautious of numbers that are not listed on Trust Factor and have low Feedback. These numbers are considered scams, and you should not trust them.

The 708 Area Code Is Widely Used In The US:

The 708 area code is one of the most popular and widely used telephone codes in the United States. While it is not a particularly popular or highly visible number, it’s the second most commonly used area code in the United States. The 708 area code is located in southern Illinois and is the most common in Illinois. The city is home to several large cities, including Chicago, and the suburbs of Will County. It is the largest in Chicago and serves a number of smaller communities.

When The 708 Area Code Was First Put Into Service?

The 708 area code was first put into service on 11/11/1989 and is divided into 630 and 847. In Chicago, the 708 area code is split into four parts. This means that the entire region of the city of Chicago is covered by this area code. This area code is home to Cook County, DuPage County, and Will County. However, it also has several other overlapping areas with similar codes.

The 708 area code is also used by many other telephone companies. The area code is the most common in Illinois, and it covers three counties in the state. Its service area overlaps with the other 312 and 464 area codes. The 708 was put into service on November 11th, 1989, but it is still a little confusing as it overlaps with the other two. A lot of phone numbers in this area have an additional prefix.

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