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Wiper Blade Size for 2012 Ford Focus

ByAnswers Herald Editor

Jun 12, 2022
wiper blade size

If you’re looking for new wiper blades for your 2012 Ford Focus, you may not be aware of the exact dimensions of your vehicle. The size of wiper blades on your vehicle is important, as the wrong ones can block a large portion of the windshield and cause your wipers to hit the windshield or other objects. To find the exact size, you can take measurements of the wiper blades you already have and compare them with the ones you’re about to buy. Wiper blades for the 2012 Ford Focus are usually 28 inches long and 29 inches wide.

What size are Ford Focus wiper blades?

When replacing a wiper blade, make sure to buy the correct size for your vehicle. Many wipers are not long enough and end up damaging your vehicle’s wiper motor and arms. To ensure the blades fit properly, measure the width and length of your wiper blades, and then measure the arms, too. When the wiper arms are too long, the blades may hit one another and cause damage.

Make sure to replace your wiper blades if they’ve become damaged or have become ineffective. Using the wrong size wiper blade can cause streaks to form on your windshield, and the blades can hit one another while working. Check the blades to be sure they fit correctly, either by measuring them at the store, or by filtering the options on your car’s model. Wiper blades for the 2012 Ford Focus usually require blades that are 29 inches wide.

When replacing your wiper blades, consider a replacement from Valeo, a world leader in the automotive industry. The company makes premium wiper blades at affordable prices, and these replacement wipers meet the same quality standards as the original equipment. Valeo wiper blades are made from a durable steel and rubber superstructure, and feature TEC3 rubber technology for optimal all-season performance. The rubber wiping element is coated for protection, so it’s more durable and resists damage.

While installing replacement wiper blades can be complicated, the process is simple if you have an eye for detail. The most difficult part is fitting the hook extension. Most attachments “click” into place and can be removed by pinching the locking mechanism. If you need to install the blades yourself, you should buy a set of adapters for your model’s wiper arms. If you need to buy adapters, you should use a Bosch Multi-Clip wiper blade adapter.

How do you put wiper blades on a 2012 Ford Focus?

If you’re replacing the wiper blades on your 2012 Ford Focus, you should be aware of the size of your current blades. While some wiper blades may be the same length on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle, others may vary by several inches. Buying the wrong size blade will either overlap your current wipers or break if they’re too short. Make sure you know the correct length and width for your vehicle so that your blades don’t stick to your car’s glass or your wiper motor.

When you buy wiper blades for your 2012 Ford Focus, you should know that these vehicles use 29-inch beam wiper blades. While most aftermarket blades will match the 28-inch length, making the switch to the 29-inch blades requires an adapter. These adapters are included in the package. If you’re not sure how to swap your wiper blades, you can do it yourself by watching YouTube videos to get the proper instructions.

What size wiper blades do a 2012 Ford Fusion take?

Wiper blades are held together by plastic or metal frames that hold a silicone or rubber strip. Over time, the rubber portion of a windshield wiper will become worn due to the exposure to the elements. In addition, the plastic or metal frame can break down, peel, or crack. Changing the wiper blades is a simple, low-cost repair for your 2012 Ford Focus. If you notice streaks, unclear sections, or tearing the rubber blade edges, you should replace them.

Installing wiper blades on your 2012 Ford Focus is simple. It won’t take much time at all, and you don’t need to buy any tools. Simply remove the wiper arm and pull it away from the windshield. If you’d like to lock the wiper arm, you can manually release the locking tab at the base of the wiper arm. Once you’ve removed the old wiper, slip the new one on. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a new wiper that’s 29″ long.

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