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The Hana and Kiyoshi Relationship

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 24, 2022
The Hana and Kiyoshi Relationship

Throughout the entire Naruto manga and anime series, Hana and Kiyoshi have been inseparable. As a result of their close bond and mutual respect, the characters have become one of the most popular heroes in the world. But what exactly is the underlying motive behind this relationship? And is it really based on lies? And what is the impact on their future? If you’ve ever read or watched the series, you’ve likely been curious about how Kiyoshi and Hana’s relationship developed.

Is Hana inlove with Kiyoshi?

The Hana and Kiyoshi relationship is based on lies. In chapter one, Kiyoshi and Hana fall in love with each other, but Kiyoshi fabricates his true self in order to win her heart. He has a slave-mistress fantasy and is scared of the idea of being discovered as a pervert. In the same way, Hana believes that Kiyoshi hates her.

The first to voice their attraction for each other is Henry Toda, a hard worker and a heavy drinker. He is married to Kiku, Hana’s best friend. The two have different ideas about their relationship, but they both seem to think that it will eventually be based on lies. In fact, Henry has a different idea than Hana about his own sexuality.

Kenji acts as Hana’s son

The relationship between Hana and Kenji is based on the reincarnation of Hana’s lost son, Kiyoshi. Hana’s miscarried son, Kiyoshi, has recently died. Hana believes that Kiyoshi’s death is the price for her illicit love. She wanted to give birth to a son as a tribute to Taro, thinking it would compensate her for the pain caused by love. Although Kenji doesn’t have a father, he does have a sister named Sumiko.

While the mother of the child is dead, Taro’s daughter, Sumiko, lives with Hana and her father. The two hope the child will be a boy. However, Taro is not happy with Hana’s reincarnation and insists that she change her mind. She wants her daughter to look like her, not like Taro. However, she isn’t prepared for such a thing.

Why does Hana kiss Kiyoshi?

In Mary Returns to Hana and Kiyoshi, Mary is the daughter of Kiyoshi, a famous artist. Mary and Kiyoshi’s love story begins in 1898 when Hana discovers that her husband, Taro, is dead. Afterwards, she is distraught and begins to seek answers from other women for help. Mary, meanwhile, becomes the surrogate mother to the baby Kenji.

At the end of the story, Mary’s presence in Hana and Taro’s lives comes at a time when they have just lost their father. Mary stands in front of Hana, but she is not fully awake, and her mother is psychologically absent. Mary feels as though she is a stranger in her mother’s life. Mary then rejects her mother’s offer to help with her delivery, and the story ends with a heartbreaking ending.

Do Chiyo and Kiyoshi get together?

After hearing about the man she loves, Hana becomes intrigued by Taro Takeda. She imagines her life as a merchant’s wife, a life with more freedom and less confining situations. When Taro admits that he loves Hana, she’s shocked but doesn’t give up hope. She promises to love him forever, even if he’s not a wealthy merchant.

In their first meeting, Hana is struck by Kiyoshi’s physical charm. She feels flattered by his attention, but is reluctant to make love to him. Hana is afraid that having an extramarital affair would hurt Taro’s feelings for Hana. Taro is hesitant to let Hana see Kiyoshi in a romantic relationship, as he’s afraid it would hurt his feelings for her.

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