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Nickerson Gardens – The Birthplace of the Bloods Gang!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 18, 2022
Nickerson Gardens – The Birthplace of the Bloods Gang!

If you have ever wondered where to live, you may be interested in learning more about Nickerson Gardens, a 1,066-unit public housing apartment complex in Watts, Los Angeles. Nickerson Gardens is the largest public housing complex west of the Mississippi River. However, it’s not without its problems, with residents frequently harmed by violent crime, including homicide. As a result, it is also considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country.

Nickerson Gardens is a 1,066-unit public housing apartment complex in Watts, Los Angeles:

A former gang compound, Nickerson Gardens is a public housing apartment complex in Watts, Los Angels. Completed in 1955, this complex features 156 townhouse-style buildings. Originally built with 95% black residents, the complex now features a majority of Latino residents. In the mid-1970s, Nickerson Gardens was the birthplace of the Bounty Hunter Bloods gang.

It is the largest public housing development west of the Mississippi River:

Nickerson Gardens is a public housing development located in Watts, Los Angeles, which opened in 1955. Located on a 55-acre site, Nickerson Gardens provides 1,066 units to residents. It was designed by Paul Revere Williams and has been home to residents since 1955. The HUD-run public housing authority is the largest in the country, providing affordable housing to more than 82,000 households. In addition to providing low-income housing, the HUD-managed Nickerson Gardens has programs for seniors, homeless, and low-income residents.

It is the most violent neighborhood in the country:

In November, seven people were shot and killed in Nickerson Gardens, the birthplace of the bloods gang. According to police reports, Nickerson Gardens is the nation’s most violent neighborhood. The area is drug and crime-ridden, and police arrested 41 suspects in a recent sweep. Another three people were shot and killed in an ambush. The neighborhood has been a magnet for gang activity for decades, but the escalating violence is threatening residents and their families.

It has a high homicide rate:

There are a few reasons why Nickerson Gardens has a high homicide rate. Several of the victims were African American, including Timonhy Raynea Lee, 24, who was murdered last November. She had lived in the area for almost a decade before moving away and returned to visit her family on Nov. 22. Parmelee Avenue is lined with muted yellow apartment buildings and concrete pillars.

It has a Jobs Plus Program:

New York City’s Department of Social Service and Human Resource Administration work in collaboration to create the Jobs Plus program. This program provides job-related services and financial coaching for low-income residents. Other jobs-related services offered by the program include financial coaching and community outreach. These programs can help individuals get out of poverty and find a job they love. The goal of the Jobs Plus program is to create a culture of work and empower residents to pursue their goals.

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