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Paris Chong – Unmarried and Virgo Woman to Date!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 17, 2022
Paris Chong – Unmarried and Virgo Woman to Date!

If you are looking for an unmarried and Virgo woman to date, Paris Chong may be the person you’re looking for. As a member of ASC, Chong serves as the guest curator of Photo15-17 and was Co-chair of Photo19 held at Leica Gallery LA last year. In addition to her art career, Chong serves on the Fresh Focus committee to raise funds to keep arts in underprivileged areas of Los Angeles.


Is Paris Chong married? This is a common question among fans of the 44-year-old actor. The answer may be a bit shocking, as he’s not married at all. The actor has never publicly declared his marital status. Paris Chong is unmarried, but that doesn’t mean he’s not married. Whether he’s married or not, he seems to be more focused on his career than his love life.


Virgo is a water sign and the birth sign of Paris Chong is a Virgo. Paris Chong was born on 8 September 1974 in Los Angeles, California. She is a mixed race and the daughter of Tommy Chong and Shelby Chong, an American actor and comedian. Paris’ mother is an actress and producer, and her father is an actor. She is a Virgo, and was also an executive producer of Best Buddies (2003) and associate producer on four Cheech and Chong films.


The talented AMERICAN actor Paris Chong is the son of actors Tommy CHong and Shelby Chong. Paris Chong recently praised his father for helping him become a successful actor. The actor has never been married or even married to a woman and has never shared his relationship status with the public. While his father may be a busy man, Paris Chong’s solitary lifestyle may be his preferred choice. We’ll have to wait and see.

Half-brother of Rae Dawn Chong:

Paris Chong is the half-brother of Rae Dawn and Robbi Chong. Their mother is of Chinese descent and their father is of Scotch-Irish heritage. Rae was raised in a multi-cultural family and is the daughter of a famous actor. The two siblings have achieved success in their own rights. Paris is a talented actor and supports charities. Paris is also an athlete.

Curator of Leica Gallery Los Angeles:

Paris Chong, Curator of Leica Art Los Angeles, is a well-established, experienced art curator and gallery manager with over 17 years of experience curating and managing fine art galleries. She is an active member of the art community, serving on the event committee of Photo15-17 and the Co-chair of Photo19, which was held at Leica Gallery LA last year. She also serves on the Fresh Focus committee, which raises money to keep the arts alive in underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Guest curator for the American Society of Curators:

Paris Chong is a gallery manager and curator at Leica Gallery Los Angeles, and she has seventeen years of experience curating and managing fine art galleries. She has participated in Art Basel Miami and has organized group art exhibitions for artists ranging from the legendary Henri Cartier Bresson to Neal Preston and Julian Lennon. In addition to her work in art galleries, Paris Chong also serves on the planning committee for the annual Photo15-17 and Photo19 at Leica Gallery LA.

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