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Photos of the King Von Autopsy Leaked Online

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 28, 2022
Photos of the King Von Autopsy Leaked Online

Photos of the King Von autopsy have leaked online, but are they really the real deal? Rapper Timothy Leeks is facing murder charges after photos of the alleged autopsy have been posted on social media. Meanwhile, Rapper’s sister is fuming over the alleged leak, and his new album is debuting at No. 13 on the Billboard 200. While these pictures may be horrific, they are a rare glimpse into the life of a famous hip-hop artist.

Timothy Leeks charged with murder in king von autopsy

Atlanta police arrested Timothy Leeks on a felony murder charge for killing Chicago rapper King Von. Leeks spent nearly two weeks in a hospital while his body was being autopsied. He is expected to stand trial in the near future. Previously, Leeks was denied bond twice. Atlanta police seized marijuana and guns after the investigation. Leeks was the only person linked to the murder.

Photos of king von’s alleged autopsy leaked on social media

Several rumours have been swirling around the alleged autopsy of Chicago rapper King Von. Since the shooting outside the Monaco Hookah Bar in Atlanta last week, a picture of the rapper’s body has been circulating online. While there has been no official announcement, many believe that it has come from the affiliates of King Von’s killer, Quando Rondo. This is especially true after pictures of the rapper’s body were leaked on social media.

Rapper’s sister fumes over alleged leak

The recent controversy surrounding alleged autopsy photos of Rapper King Von has made the loss of the late musician all the more difficult to take, but one person is blaming another for the death. Kayla Von, the rapper’s sister, has been outspoken about her brother’s death and has gone toe-to-toe with anyone who tries to discredit King Von’s legacy. In recent days, she has targeted the rapper T.I., accusing him of creeping on her brother, Tiny. Meanwhile, 50 Cent has also weighed in on the controversy, accusing T.I. of being creepy and untrustworthy.

Rapper’s new album debuts at No. 13 on Billboard 200

A new album by Chicago rapper King Von has hit the Billboard charts, and the song “Welcome to O’Block” is among the best on the chart. The album, released last week, is named after the neighbourhood where the rapper grew up, O’Block. It debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart, his highest debut to date.

Sources: Timothy Leeks

If you’ve seen the King Von autopsy photos, you’re probably shocked and distraught. The news is even more devastating considering King Von was shot to death just hours after they were posted online. King Von’s sister is furious and has blamed the death on Atlanta mortician Freddie Curry. But Curry claims he was working under a protective order. So, what’s the truth?

Momento Rondo

The autopsy pictures of Chicago rapper King Von have surfaced on the Internet. Many believe that it was shared by the affiliates of the man who murdered King Von. Last night, the autopsy picture circulated among the associates of the rapper Quando Rondo. The picture was uploaded on the IG page of Timothy Leeks, a half-brother of Quando Rondo. You can see it below.

Quando Rondo’s crew

Despite the recent events that have plagued the music scene, there is still some hope for the King Von fans. A bullet has struck one of the band’s members in Georgia, where they were performing their first show since King Von was shot and killed in November of last year. The shooting took place outside of a convenience store in Blackshear, Georgia. One of Rondo’s band members was hit in the hand and was treated at a local hospital. Despite the fact that the shooting has been blamed on a hate crime, Rondo and his crew have been travelling around in bulletproof vehicles and have plenty of bodyguards to protect them.

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