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RepairDesk Review!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 15, 2022
RepairDesk Review!

RepairDesk is an online service ticketing system that allows you to create, assign and track tickets for repair jobs. You can also update customers about job progress via SMS and email. It also organizes your inventory across multiple stores and connects with over 40 integrations. Its comprehensive report dashboard shows you the overall health of your repair store, including product sales reports, reconciliation reports, COGS, and more.


If you’re a business owner looking to automate and streamline your business processes, a repair desk solution is the right choice. These systems provide automatic job tracking, customer alerts, extensive reporting, analytics services, and more. They also allow you to manage multiple locations and integrate with your existing POS system.

RepairDesk is a complete business management solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized repair shops. It integrates a point of sale with inventory management and performance reporting, allowing you to monitor every aspect of your business from a single platform. Other features include integrated payment processing, a ticketing system with a calendar view, and features for tracking refurbished devices, repair parts, and accessories. You can also set up automated reorders for parts and inventory.

RepairDesk is cloud-based POS software that helps repair businesses track jobs and inventory. It supports all types of repair businesses and allows you to manage both online and offline sales. You can also manage invoices, create partial refunds, and manage employee productivity. Additionally, RepairDesk is compatible with popular spare parts and integrates with popular payment methods.


With RepairDesk, you can manage and automate your business’s operations, from point of sale and ticket tracking to inventory management and reporting. Through its ticketing system, you can check in repair items and assign them to employees, set completion times, and track the inventory of repair parts, accessories, trades, and other items. It also allows you to print receipts and track employees.

RepairDesk offers a number of integrated features that make it the perfect point-of-sale software for your computer and mobile phone repair business. It provides comprehensive reporting, analytics, and job order management, as well as support for multi-location business. It also integrates with your POS system and offers a native iOS application.

RepairDesk is a cloud-based point-of-sale software designed for repair stores. Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to manage your business. Moreover, it offers a number of useful integrations and dynamic features at an affordable price. The most impressive part of RepairDesk’s features is its price, which starts at $35 per month.

RepairDesk has an extensive inventory management system, which helps you track lock-stock items and order replacements. In addition, it has a customer-facing display and a self-check-in widget. It also offers multiple payment options through RepairDesk Payments. A comprehensive reporting system helps you see how well your business is performing.

Square integration:

RepairDesk POS is a point of sale (POS) software solution that helps you manage your sales, inventory, customer information, and more. It also allows you to accept payments right in your store. Your customers can make payments using a variety of payment methods including cash, credit, debit, and EMV chip cards. In addition, you can accept payments from customers in any country, including the United States, Canada, and the UK.

RepairDesk integrates with Square for a seamless customer experience. With this integration, you can take payments with a Square terminal and manage your business from a single platform. Square supports a variety of payment methods, including chip cards, NFC, and magstripe. It also allows you to track customer payments and assign jobs to workers. You can also monitor job progress and update your customers with emails or SMS.

RepairDesk is cloud-based POS software for repair shops. It features an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage your business. It also offers a multitude of integrations and dynamic features for a low cost. You can start using it immediately for a minimal monthly fee. If you’re looking for a POS solution for your repair business, RepairDesk is one of the best options. It has many great features and is affordable, starting at $35 per month.

RepairDesk has everything you need to run a successful repair business, including a point of sale, ticketing, inventory management, and performance reporting. It lets you save customer information, track repair tasks, and manage payments, all from one central platform. You can even send out email alerts to your customers to keep them informed about the status of their repair. It’s a comprehensive business management system that will allow you to increase efficiency and engage your customers while improving your customers’ experience.

Integrated tools:

RepairDesk offers an array of integrated tools to streamline business processes and reduce customer communications. It also helps you to create tickets and assign them to technicians. With this software, you can also send email or SMS updates to customers to stay updated with the status of the job. This tool also integrates with 40+ external applications and services to give you a full picture of your repair store. For example, you can send reports on product sales, reconciliation, and employee productivity.

RepairDesk’s phone system is fully integrated with your system, eliminating any confusion and increasing efficiency. It allows you to view your customer information and chat history, allowing you to handle calls easily from anywhere. You can also send fax documents directly from your RepairDesk interface. This feature also allows you to handle two calls at once.

Another benefit of the RepairDesk integration with Shopify is that you can easily add your customer’s details. When you receive a repair request, RepairDesk will fetch the customer’s details and mention the Order ID in the invoice. This will make it easier for you to identify invoices against orders and reduce the chances of double entry.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based POS solution for your cell phone repair business, RepairDesk has everything you need to run a successful business. The system keeps track of repair tickets, manages inventory, and handles all aspects of employee time tracking. It also offers marketing tools and field service capabilities.

RepairDesk SMS also includes SMS text messaging features. With the help of this tool, your customers can receive real-time notifications on repair jobs. Moreover, RepairDesk SMS provides a two-way messaging feature. You can send and receive text messages from your customers, reply to them, and log the messages. This tool is a powerful marketing tool that can help you manage your customers’ needs.

RepairDesk also allows you to integrate your accounting software with the platform. QuickBooks integration can easily sync invoices and payments between the two platforms. This can greatly benefit your financials and helps you make informed decisions on business expansion.

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