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Rose Park Roasters Expands With New Location!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 15, 2022
Rose Park Roasters Expands With New Location!

Rose Park Roasters opened a new 800 Pine Street location on September 30. Since then, it’s grown to serve a variety of roasted coffees as well as a variety of other items. The Food menu has been updated, and the new brunch and dinner menus are now available for customers to enjoy. The restaurant’s dinner service will run Thursday through Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m., and will offer a full beverage list, which includes beer, wine, and non-alcoholic options.

Food menu at 800 Pine Street location of Rose Park Roasters:

The food menu at Rose Park Roasters’ new 800 Pine Street location is an impressive mix of local flavors. With a focus on seasonal and ethically sourced seafood, the cafe’s food offerings are as exciting as its newest coffee. In addition to serving delicious coffee and seasonal fare, the restaurant also features a variety of sandwiches, fancy toasts and wines. While the coffee shop’s primary focus is coffee, this Long Beach location is also a wine bar and restaurant.

Plans for third location in downtown Long Beach:

After successfully opening two locations in downtown Long Beach, Rose Park Coffee Roasters is now looking to expand its business with a third location. The coffee shop is moving into the Long Beach Professional Building, which recently underwent a renovation. The owners were approached by the developer of the project and worked with Ruthi Daugherty, formerly of Camp Design. The new cafe draws its inspiration from the first location while capturing the architectural style of the historic building.

Company’s mission:

Founded in 2013, the Long Beach cafe and roastery is dedicated to creating specialty coffee that’s rich and fruity. The owners, Andrew Phillips and Nathan Tourtellotte, decided to start their own coffee company, despite their lack of a small business plan or financing from the Small Business Administration. Even with the lack of a plan, however, they smelled success. So, they took their dream and made it a reality by partnering with community development lender Martinez.


The founders of Rose Park Roasters, Andrew Philips and Nathan Tourtellotte, have been serving quality coffee to local coffee shops and home brewers since they opened in Long Beach seven years ago. While they are known for their coffee bean distribution and roasting, Rose Park also sells its products online. The company offers bike delivery of its finished product. While a traditional bank loan may not have been possible, the Rose Park team was able to get their money by utilizing a GAF loan.


While the emphasis at Rose Park Roasters is on coffee, the company’s food options have expanded beyond coffee. With a new a la carte menu of gourmet sandwiches, granola, and syrups, the company’s coffee has a gastronomic element, as well. In addition to supplying its own retail cafes, Rose Park Roasters also roasts their own coffee for local wholesale accounts. The resulting high-quality coffee can be enjoyed all over the world.

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