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Samsung is Reportedly Throttling Performance

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 27, 2022
Samsung is Reportedly Throttling Performance

Some of Samsung’s most popular apps are being throttled, including Secure Folder and Bixby, according to a recent report. Samsung is aware of the problem and is currently conducting an internal investigation to determine the cause. OnePlus recently faced similar accusations after catching its performance-limiting mechanisms by stuttering popular Android apps. It was later acknowledged using performance-limiting mechanisms but is yet to release an official statement.

OnePlus admitted to throttling performance

OnePlus recently admitted to throttling performance, the latest OEM to get caught cheating on performance benchmarks. After several complaints, the company finally admitted to controlling app performance. Now, there are many more questions to answer regarding the OnePlus experience. Let’s take a look at how OnePlus handled the scandal. OnePlus is a company that has been criticized for limiting the performance of over 300 apps, including many games.

OnePlus has been accused of throttling performance in its recent software update. While early reviews were based on a different experience, OnePlus’s new update may be affecting the way users experience the device. Although users cannot opt-out of the throttling process, this new feature isn’t perfect. Despite its potential impact on users, OnePlus still stands by its decision. The company should have given its users an option to disable the throttling feature.

OnePlus throttled performance

The OnePlus and Samsung phones have been found to be throttling the performance of their phones. While there’s no official confirmation yet, the issue has been reported by several users. Samsung reportedly throttled performance due to an app called “Game Optimization Service” on the phone’s system. The problem is not exclusive to OnePlus. It has also been reported to happen on the Xiaomi 12X and Pro.

While Samsung’s rumours have been spreading for a long time, OnePlus allegedly throttled the performance of its phones, albeit to improve battery life. The company denied the claims but confirmed that its Game Optimizing Service (GOS) optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent excessive heat from the phone during gaming. In addition, Samsung denied throttling non-gaming apps. It’s unclear what exactly Samsung does to prevent performance from deteriorating.

Samsung throttles the performance of up to 10,000 apps

A new report claims that Samsung has begun throttling the performance of up to 10,000 applications on its Galaxy smartphones. The throttling is probably intended to conserve battery life, but not everyone is affected. Benchmarking apps do not suffer from this practice, so it should not be a big deal. Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is also suspected. It may have something to do with the problem.

OnePlus has also admitted to throttling popular apps, although it says it is done to optimize battery life. However, Samsung is accused of throttling benchmarking and gaming apps. Moreover, a Korean forum has published an investigation into Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service (GOSS), which allegedly throttles the performance of over 10,000 applications. The spreadsheet can be downloaded here. Samsung has not commented on the issue, but users are understandably frustrated with this arbitrary action.

Samsung plans to add an option to prioritize certain apps

If you’ve recently noticed that your device is choking on a few popular Android apps, you may be wondering how to prevent this from happening. Samsung has been responding to the problems that users are reporting, and now plans to introduce controls in a future update. The update has already begun rolling out, and you can download it from the link below. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy your Samsung Galaxy device as usual.

Several reports have claimed that Samsung has been throttling the performance of more than 10,000 apps, including games. The Game Optimizing Service app is believed to be at the root of the problem, but Samsung has confirmed the practice. The company has created an FAQ to explain the issue, its extent, and how to fix it. Samsung notes that the 10,000-app list is meant to distinguish between games and apps.

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