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Sidnie Waller, 28, Was Found Dead in a Creek on March 4!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 14, 2022
Sidnie Waller, 28, Was Found Dead in a Creek on March 4!

The case of the drowning and significant force assault on the skull of Sidnie Waller is a tragic one. Waller was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center. The driver of the car was later charged with murder and DUI. The driver fled the scene after the collision but was later convicted of murder. A jury found her guilty of the crime. In the aftermath, the family of Waller is grieving.

Jennifer Rae Xavier is charged with murder:

Jennifer Rae Xavier is charged in the murder of Sidnie Waller. Xavier allegedly killed her friend after driving drunk on the Highway 5. She was speeding when she lost control of her car and crashed into Waller’s vehicle. The California Highway Patrol said Xavier took a ride from a stranger. The Highway Patrol said Xavier is suspected of vehicular homicide.

She was driving under the influence of alcohol:

The death of Sidnie Walker, a California woman, was the result of a horrific car accident. She was driving under the influence of alcohol and Xanax when she lost control and crashed into a creek. She later died from blunt force trauma and drowning. The car she was in was speeding and hit the creek. The driver of the other car, Jennifer Walker, was not injured, but the driver of the other car was.

She was in a car accident with sidnie waller:

On March 4, a woman named Sidnie Waller was killed in a car crash in San Diego. The vehicle, a Honda Accord, was traveling southbound on I-5 near SeaWorld Drive when it veered off the roadway and landed upside down in Tecolote Creek. According to the CHP, Waller had been drinking at an “Open Bar” before the crash and was in the wrong lane. The driver died in the crash.

She was found dead in a creek:

A San Diego woman has died after being found unconscious in a creek. The San Diego County Fire Department responded at about 9 p.m. to reports that a car crashed into the water near Sea World Drive. Waller was not in a second car, but a passenger in the first one. The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident. Authorities have not released any other details about the crash or the driver, or said whether she was charged with a crime.

She suffered brain injury from drowning:

A tragic accident in which a woman was killed has made her family mourn the loss of their daughter. Sidnie Waller was 21 years old when she drowned in a car accident. She died from brain injuries and drowning, as well as blunt force trauma to her head. She was the passenger in the car that was hit by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol and Xanax. The driver refused to seek medical attention.

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