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Surly Goat in West Hollywood!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 13, 2022
Surly Goat in West Hollywood!

Surly Goat is a two-tiered, dark beer bar focused on rare and unusual beers. The décor features WWII-era German ads and PBR one-sheets. The beer list changes daily, so be sure to check the bar’s website to see if your favorite is on tap. There’s no shortage of options here. A trip to Surly Goat will leave you feeling like a beer aficionado.

Bock beer:

A popular style of brew, bock beer is associated with goats, and the name derives from the German word for goat: Ein bock. This type of beer is usually low in hops, and is brewed in the Northeast. Its dark, smooth color is reminiscent of a bock, and it has a slightly sweet taste. Surly goat bock beer is one of many examples of this style.

The word bock refers to a strong lager, and the word billy goat means a goat. A bock is a beer that knocks the drinker off their feet. Eagle Rock Brewery, which opened last month, has created a bock beer especially for Surly Goat. The bar has 27 drafts on tap, and each is available by season. Its 8% ABV makes it a popular choice with both locals and tourists.

Eagle Rock Brewery bock beer:

In 2010, Eagle Rock Brewery collaborated with Surly Goat on a bock beer. Unfortunately, the collaboration did not pan out as planned. Surly Goat is a craft beer collective spanning Pasadena, Encino, and Long Beach. Eagle Rock brewers are part of this vast group of craft breweries. It is unclear whether this collaboration will continue or not, but it is likely that they will do more.

Bock is a German word meaning strong lager or billy goat. Bock beer is a traditional German drink, and it is strong enough to knock you off your feet. Surly Goat has a bock beer on tap and a full bar with 27 craft beers on tap, with rotating seasonal selections. It is not recommended for children under 21. The bar has plenty of seating, including an outdoor patio and semi-private room.

Pliny the Younger:

If you’re in the mood for a boozy, refreshing brew, you’ll be happy to know that Pliny the Younger is available on tap at two places in Los Angeles. On February 21, the Surly Goat in West Hollywood will have 215 8-ounce pours of the surly goat ale on tap. This is the first time this beer has been tapped in California. It’s a limited release, so you’ll have to act quickly, though!

You can find this brew in select bars throughout Los Angeles. It’s so rare that only a handful is produced each year. The beer is often distributed to fine beer bars in the city. This brew is so powerful and surly that it makes people lose their minds. But beware: you must order it with a special ring to avoid causing any more havoc. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try the Double IPA or the Triple IPA, too.

Eagle Rock bock beer:

The Surly Goat is a new bar in West Hollywood, California. The restaurant is named after the beer a goat supposedly head-butted its contestants at. There are 26 taps, including one cask engine. Surly Goat’s rotating list includes Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea, Stone Brewing’s Old Rasputin 12, and Russian River Brewing’s Pliy the Elder. Guests can also try Surly Goat’s Velvet Merkin stout and Victory Kolsch. There are also rare beers on the menu.

The name ‘Bock’ is a German word meaning’strong lager.’ The name is derived from the billy goat, a type of bock that knocks you off your feet. Eagle Rock Brewery has been brewing beer since 2010 and the brewery opened in West Hollywood last month. Their draft selection includes 27 different beers, and the alcohol content varies from season to season.

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