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Tacos Lopez 2 Delivers Delicious Mexican Food to Your Doorstep!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 12, 2022
Tacos Lopez 2 Delivers Delicious Mexican Food to Your Doorstep!

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If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, then try Tacos Lopez 2 in Los Angeles. This restaurant delivers its food to your doorstep. Though it has a poor rating on Google, this Mexican eatery will definitely satisfy your craving. Here is how to order and enjoy Mexican food! Read on to learn more. The food is delicious and the service is great! You will definitely come back for more! However, make sure you choose the best time to dine at Tacos Lopez 2.


If you’ve tried lard-based carnitas, you know that it can dilute the flavor of the pork and seasonings. But the trick to using lard is to use a little – a small amount – and cook the meat in it, slowly. Using new lard dilutes the flavor, so you want to use old lard several times. It also helps to cook in smaller batches to build up flavor in the fat.

Carnitas are the Mexican answer to pulled pork. Carnitas should be moist and ultra-porky, with the rich texture of French confit and crisp edges. Its most well-known version hails from Michoacan, central Mexico, and is delicately flavored with orange and onion. To enhance the flavor, a little lime and chopped onion are added. To top it all off, a simple hot salsa combines with the meat and tortilla.

To make carnitas, use lard that has been flavored. When you have leftover lard, you can use it to flavor other dishes and store it for the next time you need carnitas. It is even better if you can broil braised carnitas instead of using it as a base. This method will save on lard and crisp up a large batch of carnitas.

Al pastor:

If you love Al Pastor, you’re not alone. The classic Mexican meal isn’t just a crockpot staple. It also has an equally classic Mexican variation: tacos al pastor. These little morsels of meat are a staple on every Latin table, and there’s no shortage of options for these tacos. While these tacos aren’t exactly light bites, they do pack some flavor.

The flavor of Al Pastor is quite distinct. Its flavor is delicate and hints of pineapple. Tacos al pastor are often accompanied by a refreshing glass of pineapple juice, which makes for the perfect meal. The pork is usually marinated overnight. It’s one of the most popular Mexican dishes. While tacos al pastor have become increasingly popular in many American restaurants, you can find them at Mexican taquerias.

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