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Target Restocks PS5 Consoles

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 28, 2022
Target Restocks PS5 Consoles

Several retailers have recently restocked their PS5 stock, but the first major PS5 restock has happened at Target. Other retailers like GameStop, Amazon, and Walmart are likely to follow suit as the chip shortage continues into the rest of the year. Target’s PS5 restock is the first of its kind in the new year. With the shortage of chips expected to continue throughout the rest of the year, restocking at these stores is a welcome sign.


If you’re looking for a new PlayStation, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a restock at Target. While the PS5 console has already been out of stock for a while, you may still have a chance to purchase one if you wait until the store’s restock. Though the restock dates and times aren’t known, they’re usually quite early. To make the most of your Target PS5 purchase, make sure you check Target’s website or app before your visit.

While Target hasn’t released a new PS5 console since early November, it’s reported to have received a fresh shipment this week. The retailer has been steadily raising the stock levels for the console for the past two weeks, which could mean that the retailer will soon release the PS5 in stores. In the meantime, a few Best Buy stores have already released a PS5 console, and it’s safe to assume that Target will release more units this week.


If you want to buy the Target PS5 console, you have to hurry. Walmart is currently sold out of these consoles. But if you sign up for Walmart+, you can get priority access to PlayStation 5 restocks. This way, you can buy your new PlayStation 5 before anyone else. However, this is only available to those who are already members of Walmart+. If you don’t want to sign up for Walmart+, you should consider another retailer.

The last time that Target restocked its PS5 consoles, the company did so on a regular basis. That schedule petered out in 2022, but Walmart hasn’t announced a new date for the restocks. That said, the retailer did announce that it will be selling the consoles again this week. It also announced that Walmart will be selling the PlayStation 5 consoles through its online store. While there are other places that will be selling the PlayStation 5 consoles, Walmart’s online presence is still the best place to get one.


As PlayStation fans, you may have heard that GameStop has been targeting the PS5 console for restocking in a couple of weeks. While Best Buy has consistently done this in-store restock, GameStop has been alternating between restocking the console in the morning and 11 am ET restocks. Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 hasn’t sold out online in the past few weeks, so restocking dates may vary.

In addition to selling new consoles, GameStop is restocking PS5 consoles on a weekly basis. While the PS5 was supposed to be home-delivered on launch day, the global shortage of a key manufacturing chip has made this impossible. Whether it’s PlayStation bundles or standalone consoles, GameStop is still a top gaming store. They have excellent delivery services and don’t entertain ‘Scalpers’.


While the PlayStation 5 is a hot item, there are a few ways to get one for less. Many online retailers sell the console at a cheaper price than Amazon. However, the PlayStation 5 is still more expensive than other systems. Here are some tips to help you find a bargain price on a PlayStation 5.

First, sign up for Amazon Prime. You can use this service to get direct invitations to purchase PS5 consoles. After signing up, you can receive an email with the link, which takes you directly to the retailer. This link normally appears where the “Add to Basket” button is. Be sure to act fast, though, as invitations only last 72 hours, so don’t wait too long. You may want to sign up for the email list anyway.

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