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The Dangers of Using Turpentine Castor Oil

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 9, 2022
The Dangers of Using Turpentine Castor Oil

While turpentine oil has many uses, it can be dangerous if consumed or taken by mouth. It is highly toxic when ingested, and should be applied to the skin. Use it as directed, and dilute it with a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin. Talk to your healthcare provider before using it, and make sure to always follow manufacturer directions and always dilute it before applying it to your skin.

Taking Turpentine Oil By Mouth Can Be Lethal

Despite its medicinal use, turpentine oil is not safe to ingest by mouth. While it can be harmful for the skin, it can also be lethal in large doses. This is especially true if taken by children. Similarly, it should not be given to pregnant or nursing women. Besides causing poisoning, turpentine can also cause miscarriage or other reproductive problems if taken during these times.

Taking turpentine oil by mouth is extremely dangerous, especially for children. Inhalation can irritate respiratory tracts, and it is highly toxic for babies and young children. It can aggravate asthma and whooping cough. Additionally, it can damage the kidneys and even cause death. As a result, turpentine oil should never be consumed by mouth. If you or a child consumes turpentine oil, it should be done in a professional setting.

Turpentine Castor Oil Can Irritate Your Airways

If you want to cure a cold, take a teaspoonful of turpentine with a teaspoon of sugar. Or, try inhaling the vapor of turpentine. It has a variety of uses, including treating arthritis, gout, and sore throat. It’s also good for curing parasites, fungi, and various forms of cancer.

The odor of the oil is mild. It’s commonly sold in health food stores as a nutritional supplement. A lethal dose of turpentine oil is about 60 to 120 g. An ounce can kill an adult. While turpentine castor oil can irritate your airways, it’s safe to consume if you’re not allergic to it.


It’s no surprise that turpentine castor oil is antiseptic. Its properties are also beneficial to the body. Traditionally, turpentine was used as a paint thinner. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. In small doses, it has been used to treat various ailments including disseminated sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, toothaches, and neuralgia.

However, turpentine oil is not safe for use on young children or pregnant women. It can cause skin irritation and spasms in the airways. Additionally, the oil is unsafe to put on the skin or inhale, especially for children. Also, turpentine is toxic when taken by mouth. In large doses, it can cause damage to the brain and kidneys. In rare cases, it has even been fatal.

It is a purgative

Some people use turpentine castor oil as a purgative. It is a substance that can be inhaled and used topically to heal wounds. It has medical applications but real doctors never use it as a tincture. It is also a common ingredient in paint thinner. If you’re allergic to turpentine, don’t use it. Instead, buy some castor oil and take it orally.

The Merck Manual, published in 1899, mentions that turpentine is a great remedy for a variety of ailments. While it may not be as popular as modern-day prescription drugs, the Merck Manual does mention that it is a great alternative for treating a variety of ailments. Turpentine can destroy your kidneys and lungs, so be careful. Take the recommended dosage and observe the results.

You can mix turpentine with coconut oil to make an even more effective home remedy. If you don’t want to use turpentine, you can mix it with castor oil instead. Castor oil is good for many ailments, including arthritis, so you can mix a tablespoon of it with a teaspoon of honey. Then, massage it into the infected nail twice a day. It may take some time to get rid of the infection completely, but the treatment works.

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