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The Difference Between Jinx and Vi

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 25, 2022
The Difference Between Jinx and Vi

You may be wondering what the difference between jinx and vi is. After all, chem-punk gangs are often more dangerous than robbers. Luckily, there is a simple way to distinguish the two. Read on to find out more. This article will help you learn more about these two characters. It will also explain how chem-punk gangs and robbery differ from each other.


In the animated television series “Jinx and Vi,” the two young superheroes are on the run from the evil Silco. Jinx is the adopted daughter of a mysterious man, who has suffered a tragic loss. Her ferocious emotions have driven her to seek destruction to overcome her heartache and pain. She is sent out on an assignment to fulfil the orders of Silco, and she soon finds out that her long-dead sister, Vi, is alive and well.

The duo has worked on many projects for League of Legends, including the “Get Jinxed” music video, and several short films about popular League of Legends characters. They have a thorough knowledge of the Runeterra world, champions, League of Legends lore, and the characters in it. So, they are well suited to create a short film based on their characters. And with the help of the talented artists at Fortiche Production, they can deliver a high-quality movie.


RIOT’s Arcane has revealed the complicated relationship between Jinx and Vi. In a recent short film titled “A Score to Settle,” the two sisters explore their inner demons and reveal that Jinx is the better of the two. The two characters are unlikely to get along, and Vi protects her from bullying. Jinx and Vi will probably end up spiralling down the wrong path. It remains to be seen if Vi can keep her heart from breaking.

Jinx, an evil psychopath, plans a master plan to destroy Vi. Unlike Vi, Jinx has many weapons at her disposal and would use them all to bring her down quickly. Vi is quick and can take out an enemy at close range. They face off during the first visit to Piltover by the two Queens of Demacia. Regardless of which one wins, Vi and Jinx will have a battle for the hearts of both the city and the people of Piltover.

chem-punk gangs

Jinx and Vi were chem-punk gangs from Zaun. They have a common enemy named Powder. The two gangs were born in the same city. Both are from the undercity of Zaun, which is full of pollution. It illuminates green light and mirrors Piltover. They are fierce and violent and plan to make a killing by any means necessary.

The Jinx and the Vi chipmunk gangs are a pair of childhood friends who fight Silco. Jinx is a one-hit-KO, while Vi is a loose cannon. They are both heavily tattooed and have a long history of violence. The Vi and Jinx chem-punk gangs have the same goal – to destroy Silco. However, the Vi gang is more powerful, and it tries to kill both the Silco and the Piltover gangs.


After the robbery, Vi is determined to find her sister Jinx, but things don’t go as planned. She returns to Piltover to find out the fates of the council members and enlists the help of an enforcer. As Vi searches for Jinx, she is met with conflicting responses. Vi is determined to keep her sister safe at all costs, while Caitlyn is determined to uncover the truth about her sister’s identity.

The robbery was so dangerous that Caitlyn declared a state of emergency in Piltover and organized a city-wide manhunt. However, the police and residents remained sceptical, and many wondered if Jinx would actually show up. This question was answered when a caricature of Vi was found on the walls of the Ecliptic Vaults, and the lights started flashing, spelling out the words “you’ll never catch me.”

reuniting after a failed robbery

The Arcane Act 2 premiere was filled with action and political intrigue. This season is definitely not your typical teen drama. It’s more of a sisterhood story with plenty of action and twists. You’ll get to know the characters better and get a more complete picture of how they got to be where they are. After all, it was the Piltover gang that brought the robbers to the city.

Vi and Jinx reunited in the series after the former duo got lost in a failed robbery. Jinx was the youngest and most notorious Zaunite criminal. After her parents were killed during the failed uprising against Piltover, Vander adopted her and Vi and raised them as his own children. However, a series of events separated Jinx and Vi, and her character changed dramatically.

a new short for Arcane

A new short for Arcane introduces two characters from the game, Jinx and Vi. In the short, Jinx enters a haunted house and faces his own inner demons. After a series of incidents involving Vi, Jinx finally finds a way to overcome his fear and move on with his life. In the series, Vi was a very good friend of Jinx’s, but she still has a dark side.

The short introduces the sisters and explores their shared backstory. In a slow and affecting way, the short answers questions like why Vi hates Jinx, and how it affected their relationship. The trailer for Arcane looks very similar to the Get Jinxed short. The short premieres on Netflix later this year, but the exact date has not been announced. You can check out the trailer below.

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