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The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes

ByJohn Amelia

May 12, 2022
The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes

‘The Last Leaf’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes is a novel that explores themes of loneliness, the physical infirmities of old age, and the importance of caring for our elders. While men seem important and desirable in their prime, the speaker shows how these days the phases of life are coming to an end and how our choices seem meaningless. In a time when we can’t control the choices we make, this book is an excellent choice.

Symbolism in poetry

Symbolism in poetry is a technique that helps writers express an idea, emotion, or theme in a literary work. The writer uses an object, color, or event to represent something else, such as a person, animal, date, or place. By using symbolism, a writer can appeal to an audience’s emotions by linking abstract ideas to concrete objects. There are many examples of symbolism in poetry.

For instance, in the poem “The Old Man and the Sea,” William Wordsworth uses the metaphor of a rainbow to describe the childish wonder of nature. Wordsworth’s use of the rainbow as a symbol encourages the audience to take joy in nature, despite the circumstances of their lives. Similarly, Shelley uses the symbolism of the moon to depict the loneliness and unrequited love of a man and his wife. These symbols help the reader relate to the poem’s themes of loneliness, aging, and a sense of joylessness.

Literary devices

In “The Last Leaf,” Oliver Wendell Holmes depicts the life of an old man who is about to die. The speaker of this poem, an old man with a cane, is sad and lonely and has no friends or family. The speaker is trying to convey the message that men are important when they are young. But as they grow older and lose sight of the world around them, their choices seem meaningless.

The first line of the poem describes a white sheet of paper that is deathly pale. It resembles a face of a dead man. The writer cannot predict what will stain it, but this does not mean he does not expect to write about such things. Holmes uses mythological references to add to the emotional effect of his poem. His use of alliteration is also an effective device to make the poem sound authoritative.

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes

A reprint of the 1895 edition of The Last Leaf is available, unchanged from the original edition. Hansebooks, an editor for literature in a variety of areas, edited the book for this edition. Its publication date is December 23, 2015.

The poem “The Last Leaf” by Oliver Wendell Holmes explores the loneliness of the elderly and the differences between generations. It describes the loneliness of an old man who is the last person on earth. The last leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes discusses these differences in the eyes of younger people and older individuals. This piece of writing demonstrates how our society treats the elderly and how our own generations view the elderly.

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