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The New EV From Xiaomi!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 29, 2022
The New EV From Xiaomi!

The EV, or electric vehicle, is a major investment for the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. In addition to investing in smartphones, Xiaomi is also focusing on future growth drivers such as electrification and digitization. Future cars will be smarter, have more processing power on the edge, and have higher engagement with the driver. These factors make the EV an exciting investment for Xiaomi. It will be interesting to see how the EV fares in comparison to other vehicles.

Great Wall Motor Company:

There is an EV in China, and the Chinese tech giant is planning to build it at a factory run by Great Wall Motor Company. Reuters contacted several sources with knowledge of the project to learn more about the plans. The company has not publicly confirmed plans to build the vehicle, but has indicated that it is a possibility. It is unclear how soon the car will be ready for sale, and the two companies haven’t ruled out sharing the manufacturing process.


A few days ago, we heard about Xiaomi’s EV and its upcoming launch at the Shanghai auto show. The EV features 5G connectivity and runs on Huawei’s Harmony OS. It also comes with autonomous driving capabilities developed by the Chinese company. Xiaomi filed to join the EV segment on March 30, and last year, it was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. It also received positive feedback from consumers in the automotive segment.


In recent years, there has been much speculation about how Oppo could enter the EV space, and rumors have been circulating for months. The Chinese company is the second largest smartphone manufacturer, after Samsung, and it delivered 112 million smartphones worldwide in 2020. Oppo is a subsidiary of HW design company BBK, which also owns brands such as Vivo and OnePlus. The company’s smartphones were ranked second in the world by sales in 2020, and it has a nearly 18% global market share.


The new hybrid car from Huawei will run on the company’s new HarmonyOS operating system. The company claims that its hybrid car’s specs beat those of Tesla’s Model Y. The Chinese brand is quickly catching up to its American counterpart, as it is also working on electric cars. Huawei partnered with Chinese carmaker Seres to build the Aito M5. It has been built around Huawei’s newest operating system, HarmonyOS, and will run on both fuel and electricity.


After being unable to beat the iPhone for several years, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is now eyeing the smartphone market. The company is targeting the high-end segment with its high-end devices, directly competing with Apple. The move has triggered a massive battle between Apple and Xiaomi, who are both looking to become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor. In order to gain this market share, Xiaomi is planning to make changes to its strategy and shift its focus.

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