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The Sachdeva Clinic!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 14, 2022
The Sachdeva Clinic!

The Sachdeva Clinic is a Consultant Physician Clinic in Peeragarhi, Delhi, India. The doctors at the clinic include Dr. Arvind Sachdeva, Dr. K G Sachdeva, and Dr. Kendra Sachdeva. They offer a holistic approach to treating patients.

Dr. Sachdeva’s career:

Dr. Sachdeva has been recognized as a “Top Doctor” by the Baltimore magazine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Delhi and completed his residency at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He also holds the title of Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He is a member of the UM Faculty Physicians, Inc.

Dr. Sachdeva has been practicing at the Sachdeva Clinic for over 10 years. His expertise includes all aspects of thoracic surgery. He also has a PhD in cell and molecular biology from Harvard Medical School. Prior to his medical degree, he earned his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Harvard College. He completed his training at the MGH General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery programs. He practices all types of thoracic surgery, but has a special interest in thoracic oncology. He also leads a lab-based research effort that studies the molecular mechanisms behind esophageal cancer.

As an associate executive director for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Sachdeva focuses on improving health care for children. In addition to practicing pediatrics, Dr. Sachdeva also serves as a professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He began his career in health-care management in the late 1990s, working as the executive vice president and chief operating officer for the National Outcomes Center of Milwaukee.

Dr. Sachdeva’s holistic approach to care:

Dr. Sachdeva is a co-founder of Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine and was interviewed on Health Futures Radio by Bob Roth. In the interview, Dr. Sachdeva discussed the COVID-19 epidemic and the ripple effects it has on the lives of those not diagnosed with COVID. He emphasized the importance of taking care of patients holistically and focusing on preventing disease and addressing the causes of illnesses. His practice, Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine, is based on a collaborative care model and the RestoreU METHOD.

Dr. Sachdeva’s specialties:

Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Sachdeva also specializes in hospice & palliative care. He finds immense joy in practicing this specialty, which focuses on advocating for patients in the most difficult of circumstances. He also seeks to promote the wellness of family caregivers.

Among Dr. Sachdeva’s professional activities, he has served as president of a number of national professional organizations, including the Association for Surgical Education, the American Association for Cancer Education, the Alliance for Clinical Education, and the Council of Medical Specialty Societies.

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