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The Thieves Guild Rune in Skyrim

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 10, 2022
The Thieves Guild Rune in Skyrim

Rune is a member of the Thieves Guild, but he has a mysterious past. While you might have guessed that he was born under the name Rune, he doesn’t actually know his real name. He was given that name after he was found at the bottom of a shipwreck. When people rescued him, they found a strange stone with runic inscriptions on it. Despite his curious background, players have had little luck in finding any information regarding his past.

Can you help Rune in the Thieves Guild?

In the original Skyrim game, there’s a character named Rune, who belongs to the Thieves’ Guild. His backstory is somewhat unclear. It seems that he was found after a shipwreck on the northern coast and raised by a fisherman, who named him Rune. The name is strange, but Rune will explain it if asked. He’s a very mysterious character, so what exactly happened to his family?

It’s possible that Rune is an unknown character who was given a different name at birth. But there’s nothing definitive to back up these rumors. While it’s possible that his birth name was changed due to a shipwreck, we don’t know for sure. It’s possible that Bethesda was planning on a quest to find the backstory of Rune. The DLC storyline is likely to shed some light on the story.

How did Rune get his name Skyrim?

The thieves guild’s Rune is a mysterious member of the game. He doesn’t know his birth name and was given that one after a shipwreck. After being found, the people who rescued him discovered a strange stone with runic inscriptions on it. Players can try to learn more about Rune’s background, but they can’t seem to get any answers.

Rune is the first character that players will meet when they begin the Thieves Guild questline. He’s found in the Ragged Flagon’s Cistern, the Thieves Guild headquarters. There is no dialogue with Rune, but he can be contacted by completing a quest. Players may also ask him why he has such an unusual name. Rune will answer that the name came from a father figure who found him as a child near Solitude. He’ll also explain that he traveled by boat.

Does Rune in Skyrim have a quest?

You can find a Thieves Guild Rune in several places around Skyrim. The most prominent locations include the Shipwreck, Thieves Guild Cistern, and the Blacksmith’s Yard. Some of these locations have lore connected to the past of Rune, but there are no known connections. Generally, one rune can be placed at a time. Rune is also a member of the Imperial Thieves Guild.

The player can meet Rune in Riften, at the Thieves Guild. He doesn’t have a birth name, but was given this name by a fisherman who found him after a shipwreck. His origins are unknown, but players can ask him about his past. If asked, he will explain why he has such a strange name. During the day, Rune wanders around the Cistern. At night, he spends four hours practicing his blade skills in a training room. Afterward, he sleeps in the tunnel leading to the Ragged Flagon.

For a true thief in Skyrim, the Spells of the Stealth Guild rune is crucial. It grants improved night vision for 60 seconds and grants a great deal of stealth. If you’re a Wood elf, the Rune will make this task a whole lot easier. This Rune is also known as Nighteye. In addition to this, the Rune can also grant your character great health, which is very helpful if you’re planning to take down a bunch of guards.

You’ll learn about these Runes by searching for them. As your journey unfolds, you’ll find that they have multiple meanings, and reading them will make you a better, more skilled thief. There’s a reason these runes are adorned in cities; they are symbols that point to a dangerous area or an inconspicuous loot cache.


One of the most intriguing characters in Enemies of the Skyrim is Imperial thief, Rune. He was found by a fisherman near a shipwreck in the north of Skyrim and has been attempting to find his past through runed stone. Rune often skips breakfast, loiters around the Cistern area, and practices his blade skills in the training room until 10pm. He then sleeps in a tunnel leading to the Ragged Flagon.

There is also a note near the ladder leading out of the Thieves Guild Cistern. This note details a quest that Athel Newberry had, but had failed. The dialogue between Rune and Athel Newberry makes this seem like a failure. But, there’s another way to gain this treasure. Enemies of the Skyrim thieves guild rune

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