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The World God Only Knows – Who Does Keima End Up With?

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 24, 2022
The World God Only Knows – Who Does Keima End Up With?

The World God Only Knows is a YA anime series based on the popular dating simulator, “Dating Simulator.” The main protagonist is Keima Katsuragi, a boy with the ability to multitask. He is the newest member of a dating simulation game but has already conquered dozens of girls. During this anime series, we follow Keima as he navigates the world of dating sims and real-life girls.

Who Does Katsuragi Keima End Up With?

Chihiro Kosaka is the love interest of Keima Katsuragi, a high school junior. In the manga, he is known as the God of Conquest, Otoshigami, and Luo toshiShen. He is a mercenary and an ally of Vintage. He is a game addict who spent seven hours playing a single episode. His obsession with the heriones makes him attached to them, and he even becomes attached to them.

A jealous Ayumi confronts Keima, attempting to get his sister back. But he is unable to entice her. After introducing her to her fellow musicians, Chihiro tells her that he wants to date someone else. But he realizes that the only person that could satisfy her is him. But this new man will not let him down and he realizes that he can’t take his eyes off her.

Who Is Constantly Wooing Digital Women?

After the event with the goddess candidates, Keima calls Chihiro, Ayumi, and a number of others. One of the candidates is Chihiro. Ayumi answers the phone when Keima gets a call from her. He is a “ladies’ man”. She even starts a rumor about his own love life in order to impress the men in her life.

Does Keima Become A God?

The World God Only Knows has a diverse cast of characters. The protagonist, Keima Katsuragi, is a student at Maijima Private High School, and the Spirit Hunter Demon Elsie is a spirit hunter who captures the spirits of girls. The love interest for Keima is Chihiro Kosaka, whom he meets while cleaning the classroom. The two girls are friends and eventually fall in love.

Keima Katsuragi’s love interest is Chihiro Kosaka, a classmate of the school girl Ayumi. The two meet and start dating but later, the two become enemies. Ayumi’s father is a priest and the man’s family is the goddess of the gods. He is a goddess and a warrior, and she has to be loyal and brave to protect her family.

Is There Romance In The World God Only Knows?

While the World God Only Knows is an exciting romantic drama, it is not completely free from the tension of the manga’s premise. A demon named Haqua had started to develop romantic feelings for Keima, but the demons were too busy destroying the other demons to notice her. This is the first time that the two lovable characters were based on actual characters, so Haqua is a fictional character.

While Keima’s first encounter with Yui was not a happy one, his love life with her has grown over the years. Her first encounter with Keima is not the easiest, however, and her clumsiness is evident in her mind. Nora is the first human girl he has ever seen naked, and she makes him feel uncomfortable. In addition to Yui, the other girl is Haqua.

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