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Thermostatic Expansion Valve Adjustment

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 21, 2022
Thermostatic Expansion Valve Adjustment

The TXV adjusts the pressure of the condensing unit and maintains a constant evaporator superheat. The job of this valve is relatively straightforward it regulates the amount of refrigerant flowing through the evaporator. However, improperly adjusted TXVs can kill the compressor. Properly adjusting TXVs requires small adjustments and wait times of 15 minutes. You should also take your time and don’t race the process.

When Should I Adjust My Expansion Valve?

When performing TXV adjustments, you should always keep in mind that the valve cannot be adjusted open or closed, since it is a modulating valve. When turning the adjustment stem clockwise, you increase spring pressure and reduce superheat. By reducing the spring pressure, you can reduce the static superheat of the air conditioner. For proper TXV adjustment, you should know the setting of the txv and what it should do for your engine.

How To Adjust The TXV?

  • Depending on the ambient and condensing unit temperature, you may need to adjust the TXV.
  • You should adjust it until the superheat of the suction line service valve is twenty to thirty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is also important to make sure that the pressure of the high side of the system is between 140 to 180 PSI.
  • If you are unsure of the proper adjustments, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual for further information on how to adjust TXV settings.

How Do You Set Superheat On A Txv?

When performing TXV adjustments, it is important to make sure that all parts are installed properly. An incorrectly mounted bulb or brazed fitting will negatively affect the TXV’s operation. Before starting to adjust, you should check the TXV for physical damage. Look for kinks in the tubing and dents in the power element. If these components are damaged, it is important to replace them with new ones to maintain a proper temperature.

During a TXV run, the vertical coils will trap the charge to a lesser extent. For 60 sec from the LP side, you can blow off the charge to lower the mass charge. By decreasing the superheat of the coil, you improve evap capacity and reduce the superheat of the coil. Higher Te, sat also causes cooler operation of the compressor, as the valve will work cooler than a normal one.

What Is The Evaporator?

The TXV is the main component of the evaporator. Its function is to regulate airflow. The TXV can overfeed, which can lead to flooding of the compressor. The TXV can also overfeed when the bulb strap is too loose. Besides, the tightening of the bulbs will help you to maintain a proper level of superheat. A TXV that is not mounted properly can cause the pressure to drop and damage the equipment.

How Do You Make A Txv Colder?

The TXV adjusts the refrigerant in the evaporator. The TXV adjusts the refrigerated airflow to a smaller amount than the evaporator. In addition, a PRV also allows you to adjust the pressure in the condenser. It is designed to be smaller than the evaporator and to save on space. It is often a better choice for your evaporator than an SGHX.

If you notice that the TXV is not adjusting properly, you may need to adjust the thermostatic expansion valve. Changing the TXV can lead to major problems, so it’s important to seek professional help if you suspect the TXV is malfunctioning. A technician will also know the best way to adjust the TXV for the specific problem. The resulting temperature of the TXV can affect the entire cooling system.

While TXVs are excellent at handling variable loads, they still need a surplus of refrigerants to function properly. Oversized TXVs can subcool beyond 8K, but there are many ways to correct this condition. Regardless of the method, it’s important to understand what the TXV is doing and how it works. Once you know that, you can adjust it accordingly. If it’s not working, you can also change the temperature of the coils.

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