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Top 5 Websites and Apps to Watch the World Cup!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 4, 2022
Top 5 Websites and Apps to Watch the World Cup!

When you go to TouchCric, you might be lured by the links and fake offers. But it’s important to remember that these links lead to a scam website that takes your money. Even if the link works sometimes, you’ll end up on the same page as when you first clicked it. Plus, the site is riddled with hidden popups and ads.

T20 World Cup:

With just a few taps, you can follow all the action from the most exciting T20 World Cup match, no matter where you are. You can watch the matches on your Android or iOS devices, and you can even stream them for free! There’s no need to subscribe to any services, and all you need is an active internet connection.

If you’re a cricket fan, you’ll love TouchCric. It offers free live streaming of all the games during the T20 World Cup, the IPL, and the BBL. The service also allows you to watch all the action from every event in the world.


TouchCric is an application that enables users to watch live cricket matches with the help of their cell phone. Its features include a one-handed mode of control, live cricket streams, and scorecards. It also offers instructional exercises that allow users to understand the directions of the balls. It also features an option to save data for quicker loading of content.

The IPL is a highly competitive cricket league that draws top level cricket players from around the world. It also has rules prohibiting the participation of Pakistani players. Consequently, many foreign players opt for this tournament. TouchCric allows users to watch the matches for free on their mobiles.


WebCric is a free cricket streaming website that lets you watch cricket matches from around the world for free. The website is supported by all major web browsers, and is available in almost every region. It also offers live streams of the biggest international tournaments, such as the World Cup. It is easy to use, and the quality of the video is superb. You can access the webcric site from almost any device, including your mobile device.

WebCric allows you to watch live cricket matches in many countries, including India. In addition to international cricket matches, you can watch local league games. You can also download the Smartcric app for your mobile device from the Apple store or Playstore, and enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch. You can watch any game at any time, and you can even download an ad-blocker extension to prevent advertisements.


If you’re a fan of live cricket, you’ll love Hotstar on Touchcric. The app features live streaming from the Indian cricket team, along with popular shows in many languages. Users can also enjoy movies and TV shows from HBO, Disney, and Star. The app was purchased by Disney in 2019, and is now known as Disney+ Hotstar. It has over 200 million users.

The eighth edition of the T20 world cup will start on 16th October in Australia. The biggest match will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 23rd October. Fans will be able to watch the entire tournament for free on Hotstar on touchcric.


Crictime has made cricket streaming a reality for cricket fans everywhere. The website provides live cricket matches, updates, previews, and more. Crictime is available for free and does not require a subscription. In addition to cricket matches, the site features live sports events all over the world, beginning as far back as 12 hours ago and continuing until the next day. It also features NHL games, which are broadcast in high-quality resolution.

Crictime is a legal, secure, and free streaming service. It is easy to use and is available everywhere in the world. All you need to do is install the application on your computer and connect it to your TV. After that, you can watch live cricket anywhere in the world, for free! Note that streaming can be a little slow at times due to high traffic on the server, so be patient. If you’re experiencing a slow stream, simply switch servers by selecting another channel name.


There are a couple of disadvantages to TouchCric and its associated apps. One is that you can’t use these apps on desktop systems. Instead, you will have to go to the webcric website, which may not be convenient. The other is that there is no app for the iPad.

The website and mobile app are run by a third party. Because of this, sometimes the website and app don’t work as expected. This can be because of copyright claims or traffic. Nonetheless, the services will return to normal after a period of time. If they are unavailable, you should try another site or app to catch the match.

crictime apk:

The Touch Cric APK is a great way to watch cricket online for free. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection to get started. The app offers coverage of every major international cricket match, including the T20 World Cup and the Asia Cup.

However, the Touchcric website and mobile app are both third-party platforms and may not work at times. The reason for this is that the app and website have to deal with copyright claims from various sports channels. This makes it impossible for them to stream channels illegally. In some instances, the app and website may be unavailable, but they are likely to come back online after a while.

If you want to stream live cricket games, you must make sure that your internet connection is strong. A weak connection will cause the video to lag. In addition, you should refresh the APK to see available matches.

Touchcric apk:

If you’ve ever wondered how to download Touchcric for Android devices, you’ve come to the right place. This cricket-themed app is completely free to download and can be played on any Android device. It doesn’t contain any third-party advertising and has a user-friendly mobile interface. Although it’s not officially approved by Google, Touchcric is safe to download and install on your Android device.

Touch Cric is an app that lets you watch cricket matches from around the world. You’ll be able to view scores, stats, and more. It even offers a Global League where you can play against different players from around the world!

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