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Upgrade the Speakers in Your 2006 Scion TC

ByJohn Amelia

May 16, 2022
Upgrade the Speakers in Your 2006 Scion TC

The speakers in your 2006 scion tc are likely on their last legs. The best thing to do is replace them, but you may need to upgrade the head unit, too. An upgrade to a more powerful head unit might be necessary to get the best sound from your speakers. Some scions may come with a pioneer head unit, which puts out more power per channel than the factory head unit.

6.5 and.75 to 1″ tweeter

A single screw holds the tweeter on the Scion TC’s door. The tweeter will need to be replaced with a new one. A universal backstrap can be used in the event that you’re unable to find a new mounting bracket. Otherwise, you can just cut a new one to fit your Scion TC. The tweeter in the Scion TC is pretty vanilla.

High-end car audio systems will have a 6.5-inch tweeter. This size is the most popular before the 6×9”. Its larger cone size is also a positive. The tweeter is capable of handling 75 to 100 watts RMS, so it will be louder than the other car speakers. These speakers are usually mounted at the line-of-sight listening level.

5.25″ rear

If you want to install new speakers in your Scion TC, you have two options: replace the stock 5.25″ speakers, or buy a component system. If you’re not sure which one to get, read this Crutchfield MasterSheet first. Then, remove the rear seat cushion, and remove the internal retaining strap. You’ll find the rear speakers on the left side of the car, next to the speaker bracket.

The 2006 Scion TC comes with 5.25″ rear speakers, but these aren’t the best option for enhancing the sound. Although these speakers don’t have great power handling, they can be installed in your Scion. You can also choose to install a powered subwoofer if you’re feeling extra daring. This speaker configuration is less likely to obstruct the factory audio system, and it also takes up less space.

‘flip-up’ AM/FM/CD stereo

The ‘Flip-up’ AM/ FM/CD stereo in your 2006 Scion TC is a good place to start. Its six speakers are capable of playing stereo sounds, and its amp provides 160 watts of power. There is an optional 35-watt subwoofer. The speakers in your Scion have five-1/4″ cones and are mounted to a bracket on the side panel. You must drill new screw holes if you want to replace them.

You can access the rear speakers by removing the lower part of the rear seat and the side panels. Next, remove the rear seat cushion. Then, remove the internal retaining strap. Now you can get to the speakers. They are easy to replace and will make your 2006 Scion TC sound great. But, if you want a better stereo, you’ll need to purchase a new receiver.

6-speaker Pioneer audio system

If you’re in the market for new audio for your 2006 Scion TC, consider the Pioneer 6-speaker audio system. These speakers come with impressive 160-watt power output. The system also features an optional 100-watt subwoofer. The Scion’s front door speaker system consists of a 6-3/4″ woofer and a 1-1/2″ tweeter. The speakers are conveniently located near the door lock panel and just below the window opening.

If you’re looking to replace the speakers in your 2006 Scion TC, you can choose between the Pioneer six-speaker system and a cheaper alternative. The Scion tC’s stereo is built into the front and rear fascias and includes an auxiliary MP3 jack. An iPod jack is also included. This allows you to control the audio from your iPod.

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