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Valley Ghost House Secret Exit

ByJohn Amelia

Jul 13, 2022
Valley Ghost House Secret Exit

If you’re bored of the normal course and are eager to make a speedrun through the game, you might want to try the Valley Ghost House secret exit. To find it, you need to hit a rotating block twice to activate the P-Switch. Once you have the P-Switch, go through a door on the left to find the door. It’s that simple! After you’ve figured out the secret exit, you’re ready to try the game’s best-hidden secrets!

Donut valley Ghost House

The top-secret area of Donut Ghost House is arguably the most useful hidden area in the game. In addition to being the only area without enemies, it allows players to restock on items. To reach this area, you must fly above the starting area and then follow the path leading to an alternate exit. Once you have arrived at the top-secret area, you can now continue your journey to the other side of the house. This section is a bit more difficult than the rest but is a must-visit location in the game.

This secret exit is accessible at any time in the game and leads to the top-secret area. This area is full of useful items, such as feathers, fire flowers, and Yoshi. To access the Top Secret Area, you must enter with your cape and fly up a level. During the level, you will find 1 up mushrooms and coins, which you can use to get more coins. This is one way to obtain 99 lives with minimal effort.

Valve of Bowser 3

The secret exit in Valve of Bowser 3 is located in the Red Switch Palace map tile. Unlike Super Paper Mario, Bowser is not a full-on enemy mine. Rather, he uses different moves and backs off as Mario takes damage. Fortunately, players can access this secret exit from the Vanilla Dome 2 by utilizing the Red Switch Palace’s exit map tile. But what if you’re not a fan of Mario? Well, this guide is here to help.

Forest of Illusion 4

If you’re feeling especially brave, you can try to find the Valley ghost house’s secret escape. The game is quite long, so there are a few steps to complete before you find it. You’ll have to use the P-Switch to get it, which you can get by running into blocks or crossing the path. The P-Switch will then let you get to the underwater keyhole to complete the secret exit.

To reach the Valley ghost house’s secret escape, you’ll need to first get the cape, and then defeat Chuck, a plant, and another block. Then, run to the end of the room and duck under the wall. After this, you’ll find the secret exit. Then, head back up the wall to find the next secret exit. It’s quite a tricky secret, but worth a try if you want to beat the game in one sitting.

Valve of Bowser 2

To reach the secret exit, go to the left side of the valley ghost house. The door to the right is the standard exit, but the left-side door has a secret entrance. You must climb the vine to the left to reach this door. You can also access the second door through the middle of the third segment. Once you find the exit, head to the next segment to continue your journey.

Choco valley Ghost House

Unlike other Ghost Houses in the game, Choco Ghost is not accessible through a door. Instead, you need to collect P-Switch, which will give you the key to unlock the secret exit. To reach the door, you need to climb a vine. Then, go to the left and find a door on the other side. If you’ve gathered enough P-Switch, you’ll reach the secret exit.

The Secret Exit is located directly after the Checkpoint. Once inside, you must spend 250 or more time to reach the exit. It will lead you to the Forest Ghost House and the Blue Switch Palace. Once there, you will be able to use the Flugel to create a bluish Panzer. Alternatively, you can also use the Cape to fly. The Secret Exit is also the way to reach Valley Fortress.

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