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WeBee – Next Gen guest Engagement Platform for Hotels!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 20, 2022
WeBee – Next Gen guest Engagement Platform for Hotels!

WeBee is a guest engagement platform:

WeBee is a guest engagement platform that helps hotels improve guest satisfaction and improve revenues. The platform allows hoteliers to create behavioral offers that are personalized for specific guests and delivered through a mobile application. By keeping guests engaged after check-out, WeBee corporation can help hotels increase direct bookings and improve TripAdvisor ratings.

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The WeBee app lets hotel guests make requests such as room service, laundry and wake-up calls. It is easy to use and intuitive for hotel staff. WeBee also enables hotel staff to customize interventions for individual guests based on their behavior. The app also allows hotel staff to send targeted messages to guests based on their previous behavior, and guests can also modify the offers.

The WeBee crunchbase guest engagement platform is a turnkey solution that helps hoteliers improve guest satisfaction and TripAdvisor rankings. It eliminates the need for expensive commissions from OTAs and supports in-room F&B orders, restaurant reservations, and more. It also enables seamless communication and helps streamline the daily workflow.

It uses internet of things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision solutions:

Webee’s no-code solution enables farmers to easily deploy sensors and receive real-time notifications about anomalies. With this technology, farmers can maintain their assets and avoid costly losses. Furthermore, the no-code solution can be easily deployed in locations where connectivity is scarce. Furthermore, Webee’s low-code canvas allows non-technical users to build their own solutions, solving a major industry challenge: the lack of talent.

Traditionally, the implementation of IIoT solutions has been time-consuming, costly, and hard to justify. With these challenges, many companies have been unable to proceed past proof of concept. However, Webee rotating equipment patented smart object recognition solution works in tandem with search-driven AI analytics to enable granular diagnostics of industrial manufacturing systems in real time. With Webee lot, companies can deploy IIoT projects 10x faster and realize ROI within a matter of days.

As the internet of things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions continue to advance, the manufacturing industry has jumped on board. Factory robots equipped with artificial intelligence have a high degree of autonomy and can learn from fresh data. This saves time and improves production processes. Similarly, self-driving automobiles powered by AI can recognize weather conditions and road conditions.

Webee’s 360o asset intelligence platform improves operational efficiency by reducing costs and eliminating unplanned downtime. Moreover, it allows factories to replicate processes and normalize monitoring. This technology is especially useful for companies that acquire other companies with different operations.

The combination of IIoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision solutions has helped Webee lorawan become the most widely used supplier of smart cameras for industry. It offers flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, while ensuring consistently high production efficiency. In fact, even companies without complete digitalisation can move ahead with AI-based image processing. Its user-friendly system enables users to improve production efficiency, and provides high-quality visual data.

The combination of IoT and AI is helping businesses to collect huge amounts of data from various devices. This data is then processed to identify patterns that are inaccessible to traditional gauges. This helps in forecasting operation circumstances and identifying parameters that need to be changed. Intelligent IoT can also reveal redundant procedures or time-consuming tasks that can be fine-tuned to increase efficiency.

IIoT systems are often managed through event-driven smart apps. These apps gather data from sensors, operational technologies and people to regulate and monitor industrial systems. For instance, industrial IoT devices can update asset placement in industrial storage units – a vital feature in preventing losses of manpower and material.

AI solutions can also monitor patients at home, where they cannot easily communicate with health care workers. An automatic alarm can sound when a patient breaks quarantine and provide a warning message. This can reduce the burden on healthcare workers and create an efficient work environment.

It has raised $2M in funding:

Webee agriculture has raised $2M in funding from investors including Mayfield, Pivotal Ventures, and the M12 Female Founders Competition. The startup provides predictive analytics software and sensor data to various industries. It integrates cross-industry expertise, data science, and workflow connectivity.

The company has a goal of creating a centralized community for people to share opinions on products and services. It is currently building its “opinion graph” and has a pageview count of 80 million monthly. The company was founded in 2008 and previously raised $2M in seed funding from Draper Associates. In its follow-up round, Siemer Ventures, Pasadena Angels, and Rincon Venture Partners have invested in the company.

The company also aims to target publishers. It provides tools to monetize content and boost revenue and retention. So far, the company has raised $2 million from investors, and will now turn to angel investors for a second round of funding. Its founders believe that their idea will be a success if it can get the word out about it.

Webee solutions is a Boston-based startup that wants to make home heating and cooling vents an integrated part of an automated home. The company will use the funding to expand throughout North America. Another startup, Drop, has raised $2 million in seed funding. Its new product, Drop, is a smart baking scale. It has raised funding from existing investors.

Webee hotel has also received funding from Matrix Capital Management, an employee-owned hedge fund. The company will receive funding from Matrix Capital Management in June 2022. The money will be used to continue developing its platform. The startup will use the money to expand and hire more employees.

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