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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 23, 2022
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo!

If you are a fan of South Korean television dramas, you should check out Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. This coming-of-age sports drama stars Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. The story follows a young Olympic gold medalist whose life is shaped by her sport.


The Weightlifting Fairy is a story about a young woman named Kim Bok-Joo. She is a college athlete who helps her dad run a restaurant. However, she feels lost and has no idea what to do to re-calibrate her life. The depiction of depression is accurate, and Bok Joo knows something is wrong with her but cannot pinpoint what it is. When she meets handsome doctor Joon-Hyung, she begins to question whether weightlifting is really for her and if she has any value beyond it.

Originally from South Korea, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo follows the life of a teenage girl who pursues her dreams by joining a weightlifting club. She develops feelings for the male lead, Jung Joon-Joo-Hyuk, who taunts her and falls in love. In this coming-of-age story, the characters grow closer and fall in love with each other.

Bok-joo meets Joon-hyung, her ersatz older brother, while Joon-hyung is a former athlete who became an obesity doctor after suffering an injury. Bok-joo meets Joon-Hyung when she borrows his umbrella. She then meets him at his obesity clinic and decides to start weightlifting so she can gain weight.


The storyline of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo focuses on a college athlete who is trying to get into shape. It follows her weight lifting journey as well as her first love. It’s a fun slice-of-life story that captures the highs and lows of being an athlete.

The main character, Kim Bok-joo, is a college athlete who spends her days working at her father’s restaurant. She soon meets swimmer Jung Joon-Hyung, who is an old friend from elementary school. The two make fun of each other, but soon they fall for each other. As time goes on, Bok-joo begins to question her decision to go into weightlifting.

When Bok-joo realises that she no longer loves weightlifting, she begins to feel hopeless. She is unsure of how to recalibrate her life, but she knows something is wrong with her. However, she is too embarrassed to tell her friends that she is depressed.

When Bok-joo first meets Joon-hyung, he lends her an umbrella on the street. Later, she decides to enroll in his obesity clinic. This helps Joon-hyung meet her, and she also decides to take up weightlifting.


Weightlifting fairy Kim bok-joo is a new drama about an unlikely hero. The lead character, Joon-Hyung, has an eccentric personality and is always teasing people. He even teases Jae Yi about her dress, claiming that she is not feminine enough. Ultimately, Jae Yi gets mad at Joon-Hyung for teasing her, but she continues to thank him for letting her see the concert.

Joon Hyung is a weightlifting fairy who was born in an orphanage. His mother would send him gifts every Christmas, and one Christmas he cut his hand on the gift packaging. After he had cut his hand, he went to find a bandage. Then he noticed his handwriting had changed, and began having trouble in competitions.

Joon-Hyung and Kim Bok-Joo are a couple who met at a weightlifting academy. Kim Bok-Joo has a passion for weightlifting and is very feminine in his approach to relationships. However, Joon-Hyung has been traumatized by a previous relationship. In order to overcome this trauma, he visits a psychologist. The two end up reuniting in the university, where Bok Joo brings him happiness.

Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung were elementary school classmates. They had the same nickname, Chubs. They were different than most kids at school, and they were looked down on because of their weight.


The weightlifting fairy Shi-ho makes an appearance in the drama and is a powerful force. She helps people overcome obstacles in their athletic pursuits. As a result, she has gained the respect of many people and is a symbol of strength. In this story, Shi-ho appears in the form of a girl, a dancer and a gymnast.

Shi-ho is a strong-willed and overachiever. She is obsessed with her weight and her skills. In this novel, Shi-ho possesses a serious psychiatric eating disorder, which causes her to act in irrational ways.

Shi-ho is a role model for young girls and is often compared to a female supermodel. She has a good body and has the ability to lift heavy objects, like rice bags. She helps other girls achieve their dreams.

While the plot is a little predictable at times, the characters are quite charming and likable. ‘Shik-ho, the weightlifting fairy of Kim bok-joo’ is a low-key drama, but the characters and storylines are well written. It also features a cute couple, and an inspiring story.


Kim Bok-Joo is an overachiever with a knack for lifting heavy objects. Bok Joo is a little worried about a weight class change, but when his father surprises him and offers to help him, the coach is happy to oblige. Bok Joo is worried that he will disappoint his teammate Jae Yi, but the coaches agree to help him increase his weight in a safe manner.

Bok Joo is a good daughter who is always on guard against bullies. She volunteers at a fried chicken restaurant, attends her father’s dialysis sessions, and spends her free time with her best friends. However, when she gets her first big crush, she begins to feel self-conscious.

The show is full of great characters and is a great comedic experience. The characters are both cute and real-life. Despite their cute looks, they also have plenty of flaws, which make this a realistic show. Although the main characters are genuinely sweet and adorable, it’s important to remember that the weightlifting fairy is a character in her own right, just like anyone else.

Bok Joo is a natural weightlifter, but she tries to hide it. She tries to make herself look more fit by hiding her skills. Her dad, who had weightlifting skills, is embarrassed of his daughter’s abilities and regrets his influence on her. Bok Joo then joins a weight loss clinic, where her father finds out about her. She later falls in love with Jae Yi and lied to the coaches about her major at university.


Joon Hyung is the ex-girlfriend of Bok Joo. Bok Joo initially avoids him, but eventually becomes jealous after seeing him spending time with a girl named Jae-yi. Bok Joo then meets with her cousin, obesity doctor Jung Jae-yi, who is also her adopted brother. Bok Joo disguises herself as a cello player in order to keep his attention, but Joon Hyung finds out and begins taunting him.

Kim Bok-Joo is a strong, beautiful protagonist. She is full of life and self-confidence, but she also struggles with insecurity. Her relationships with her friends are central to the plot. She is very protective of her best friend, and she is a great weightlifter. Her love interest, though, is a complete jerk. The characters in the series develop in such a way that you can’t help but become attached to them.

In the series, Joon Hyung is the ex-girlfriend of the weightlifting fairy Bok Joo. The two are good friends, but the former is more interested in the latter, while the latter is drawn to the former. In the drama, Bok Joo is a student of Haneul Sport University.

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