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What Are The Longest Running TV Shows

ByJohn Amelia

Feb 1, 2022
What Are The Longest Running TV Shows

There are many shows that have the honor of being the longest-running. Grey’s Anatomy was one of the first shows to air on television and has gone on to win more than 220 Emmy Awards. NCIS also has a long history, beginning in March 1956 and running for over 14,000 episodes. What Are The Longest Running TV Shows The series follows the lives of the Hughes family, who work in the medical and legal fields. The show has also won several awards for its outstanding drama series.

List Of The Longest Running TV Shows:

Listed below are some of the longest-running shows on television: The Simpsons, and General Hospital. These shows have a long history of being popular and have become a great source of inspiration.


The longest-running show in the world is The Simpsons, which has been on the air for over two decades. The Simpsons have lasted for fifteen seasons. The show has been canceled a few times, but a series can never have too many awards. The animated family satirizes crime by starring an alcoholic woman. It’s a perfect example of a long-running TV show. This sitcom has aired more than 400 episodes and is still a top-rated show in the United States. Its longevity is also a testament to its success. So, it’s no surprise that the show has endured.

South Park:

The second longest-running TV show is South Park, which first aired in 1997. Regardless of its length, it has attracted viewers around the globe. There is no better way to experience the best of both worlds than to watch this longest-running show. It premiered in April 1963 and has spanned nearly 50 years. The show was created by Bill Murray and is set in a fictional town in New York. It has won 13 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. Its original actors, John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin have portrayed the four main characters for decades. The satire of South Park has made it a popular American staple.

General Hospital:

One of the most popular shows is “General Hospital,” which debuted in 1963. This show focused on doctors and nurses working at a hospital in the town of Port Charles. Some other long-running shows are: Orange Is The New Black, Chelsea, Grace And Frankie, and Fuller House. However, none of these shows have as many episodes as “General Hospital.” If you have to ask us, what are the longest-running TV shows, we suggest you start watching these shows. They are all worth your time.

Love of Life:

Love of Life was another popular show. It aired on CBS from 1951 to 1980. It starred Audrey Peters and Ron Tomme and ran until it was canceled in 1967. The show originally focused on two sisters, but soon expanded into several storylines. It ended on a cliffhanger, which made it the longest-running show in the US.

soap operas:

Other long-running shows include soap operas. The British soap opera Coronation Street premiered in 1960 and is still on the air today. The American soap Guiding Light started on radio in 1937 and was broadcast on television until 1978. It has been on the air for 73 years, which is one of the longest-running shows on television. Its popularity is well-deserved, as it’s no doubt a sign of quality and longevity.

Days of Our Lives:

The last longest-running television show is Days of Our Lives, which ended its ninth season in 2010.

Some other long-running shows are: Orange Is The New Black, Chelsea, Grace And Frankie, and Fuller House.







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