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What Area Code Is 470 In Atlanta?

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 7, 2021
What Area Code Is 470 In Atlanta?

In the United States, the 470 and 678 area codes are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan for the state of Georgia. These two codes are assigned in an overlay plan to the combined numbering plan area (which includes 404 and 770). In the U.S., these two areas codes are referred to as the Atlanta, Georgia, region. What Area Code Is 470 In Atlanta?  These two area coding systems are similar to one another.

In the 470 area code, the telephone area is divided into 10 zones. The corresponding number is ten-digits long and is used to make local calls. This is the same as the number dialed when making an international call. Hence, the 470 area code is similar to the other ten-digit areas codes. This means that the telephone number is seven-digits long. This means that it has the same length as a ten-digit phone number.

In How Many Countries In Georgia 470:

This number is the only one that is found in all 28 counties of Georgia. However, it is used for local calls and does not require an area code. You can call local numbers without an area code using the 7-digit telephone number. This number is presented in the form of XXX-XXXX. The 10-digit area code is composed of the phone number plus the three-digit areacode. The ten-digit area code is a supplementary dialing code that will be used for international calls.

The Area Code 470 Was Assigned To Service Providers:

Although the area code 470 was assigned to service providers in order to attract new business, the number has also become an open target for scammers. Usually, these fraudulent operators pose as customer support staff and ask for personal information. If you receive calls from a 470 area code, do not answer the call. If you receive calls from such numbers, block them with your phone’s blocker. The 470 area code is a unique region and one that should not be underestimated.

Which Area Codes Overlays By 470 Area Code:

A 470 area code is the number that overlays the 770, 404, and 678 area codes. You will not need to change your current area code if you currently have a 404 or 770 area code. The 470 is a unique and separate code that will start operating this summer. The reason it is needed is because of the increased competition in the local telephone market. You can also block the calls by selecting the details of a recent call and then clicking on block.

What Is The Role Of The 470 Area Code In North American Numbering Plan:

The 470 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan. It was first assigned to service providers on February 26, 2010 and went into service in February of this year. It covers the states of Georgia and cities there. It is not an overlap area code. In fact, the 470 area is a GPA, which means it covers an overlay area. A GPX is a country-wide phone number, and it uses the country’s local standard for a city’s telephone system.

The 470 area code is a unique area code in the United States. It covers the Atlanta metropolitan region and the surrounding areas. The 470 area code is an overlay area for two other area codes, 678 and 478. In addition, the 470 area code is located in the eastern time zone, also known as America/New_York. The 470 area-code was first put into service on February 26, 2010, replacing the previous 678 area code.

How 470 Area-Code Distinguished From Other Area Codes:

A 470 area-code number can be easily distinguished from a number in another area. The 470 area code is located in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. This means that the 470 area-code is the same as EDT. In other words, the 470 area code belongs to the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is not part of the Eastern Daylight Time zone. It is part of the Central Standard Timezone. This is the most common time zone in the U.S.

The 470 area code is in the EDT time zone. This means that the 470 area-code is located in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. Therefore, the current time in the EDT zone is 5:33 AM on Dec. 7, 2021. If you’re looking for the 470 area-code in your country, look no further than Stockton VoIP. It’s the best VoIP in the 470 region.

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