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What Area Code is 672?

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 20, 2022
What Area Code is 672?

If you’re wondering what area code is 672, you’re not alone. This code is the new one to replace 604 in British Columbia, Canada. There are four main locations with this number. Vancouver, Kamloops, Nanaimo, and Prince George. Below, we’ll discuss the new area code and where you can find it. Also, we’ll look at prices and calling areas. In the meantime, check out our guide.

British Columbia (BC)

The new area code for British Columbia will be introduced on May 4th. This code will be added to the province’s four existing area codes: 604, 250, 778, and 236. This change won’t affect the geographical boundaries for local and long-distance calls, and numbers assigned to wireless customers won’t be assigned until at least 2020. By that time, the existing area codes will be fully utilized.

Area code 604 served the province for 53 years but was exhausted in 2001. There were relief proposals, including a geographic split, which would have kept area code 250 for the interior of the province, but switch Vancouver Island to the new area code. Alternate proposals also included expanding the 778 area code to the 250 numbering plan area and concentrated overlays for parts of the former. However, the CRTC concluded that there wasn’t enough time to implement the geographic split. Major telecom providers argued against this plan.

Norfolk Island (ISD) code: 672

The area code for Norfolk Island is +672. You can use this to call from other countries. The standard power plugs and sockets in Norfolk Island are type I, 230-volt, 50-Hz. However, the country’s time zone can make dialing from Norfolk Island difficult. If you’re planning on visiting Norfolk Island, you can check out some useful information about the island before you make the trip.

To make an international call to Norfolk Island, you’ll need the area code, which is 672. You’ll use it after the exit code of the country you’re calling from, plus the phone number. This number will show as +6723xx-xxxx. For more information about the area code for Norfolk Island, see the table below. It can help you find local numbers in Norfolk Island.

New area code to replace 604

The move to new area codes was initially announced as a long-term solution to the number allocation issue that plagued the Lower Mainland. Within three years, however, the 604 number was nearly used up due to rapid growth in the city and its surrounding area. The proposed new area code, 778, was added on Nov. 3, 2001, to the same region where the 604 area code currently exists. This change is a logical next step in the area code transition process.

Area code 604 was assigned in 1947 and serves Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It also overlaps with area codes 236 and 778, which are also used in this province. The current time is 11:44 am in the area code. The ‘704’ is the province’s second-most common telephone area code. The other three provinces are all under the same time zone. The U.S. is in the Central timezone, while the British Columbia region is in the Pacific.

Calling areas and prices

  • The British Columbia region is getting a new area code – the 672.
  • The new area code will join the existing 250, 604, and 778 area codes.
  • CityWest has stated that it will not affect customers in the region
  • and that the new area code will coexist with existing phone numbers,
  • so long-distance calling and local rates will remain the same.
  • If you are planning to switch, here are a few things to know.

First of all, the new 672 area code will be in the Central Daylight Time zone. This means that the area will be in the Central time zone even when daylight savings time is not in effect. The new area code is also assigned to new phone numbers. The geographic boundaries of long-distance and special numbers will remain the same, and long-distance calls will continue to be dialed with 3 digits. In addition, local calls will remain ten digits in all cases.

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