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What City And State Is The 717 Area Code Time Now?

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 8, 2021
What City And State Is The 717 Area Code Time Now?

The area codes 717 and 223 serve south central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley, encompassing the metropolitan areas of York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg. These codes cover the state’s “Dutch Country” region, which is home to almost two million people. If you’re looking for local numbers, look for a number that begins with “717” or “223.” You can even find phone numbers with this code by zip code.

The area code 717 will be discontinued at the end of the third quarter of 2018. There are two options for the state’s Public Utility Commission: split the region into two or more parts, or realign the entire area. The latter would be the least disruptive. In the latter option, a single area code would be applied to a larger geographic area. A new, 570-area code would be assigned to all new numbers in the affected area.

If you have a seven-digit telephone number, it’s important to switch to a 10-digit number, according to the PUC. The new area code would be activated once you change to 10-digit dialing. Alternatively, you could split the area into multiple areas, and use the new one to cover the entire 16-county region. While the 717 area code has been in use for years, it’s close to exhaustion, so it’s best to switch to the new number as soon as possible.

In addition to the change in the phone number format, another major development in the 717 area code involves the implementation of 10-digit dialing. In Pennsylvania, seven-digit numbers are in place for Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York. All seven-digit numbers follow the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which was created to help phone companies communicate more efficiently. It uses a seven-digit local telephone number. This format will be phased in when all seven-digit numbers are utilised.

While this area code is still in use, there are some plans to switch to a 10-digit number. The switch will affect business and residential customers in the 717 area code, but it will not affect wireless customers. The number of people in the area will remain the same for customers. This will make it more difficult to change phone number plans. There will be no change in the phone number, however. The change will affect the current phone number.

In Pennsylvania, the 717 area code covers all of Berks County and parts of Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, and Snyder counties. The area code was created in 1947, and it once stretched from the Maryland border to the New York border. The 717 area code was split in 1998, and the northern half became part of the 570 area code. This will also affect business in the region.

The 717 area code covers all of central Pennsylvania, including the cities of York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg. The 717 area code was originally designed to cover the region’s entire geographical area. Today, it covers most of the state of Pennsylvania and the surrounding cities, such as Philadelphia. Despite its size, the 717 is used in many businesses and homes in eastern Pennsylvania. If you’re in the region, you can use this area code.

The 717 area code is a communications area code that covers central Pennsylvania. The 223 area code is used for medical monitoring devices and life safety systems. The other uses of the 717 area code include fax machines, Internet dialing numbers, wireless phone contact lists, and fax machines. While the 717 area code is in use by many, it is not the only phone number in the state. If you live in the region, you can still expect to receive calls to this phone number in the future.

While the 717 area code is not a popular number, it is one of the most commonly used phone numbers in Pennsylvania. It covers more than seventy-five thousand phone numbers, and the city of York has a population of 176,780. Intelius is an online service that offers reverse phone lookups in the area. You’ll find the name, carrier, and current and past address of the owner. It also includes information on the owner’s age, siblings, and other relatives.

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