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What Does Lok Tar Mean?

ByJohn Amelia

Jul 3, 2022
What Does Lok Tar Mean?

The term lok tar means “battle song” in the orcish language. While lok tar can sound gross, it can also mean the temporary home of a hero. Listed below are some common uses of the term. Also, you’ll find out the meaning of this phrase from the game World of Warcraft. To learn more, continue reading! Also, check out these related articles: What Does Lok Tar Mean?

What does Lok Tar mean in wow?

The Lok-Tar Ogar is an orcish battle cry and is often used by orcs during battles. This song is similar to the word “OK” and is used to encourage orcs to fight or attack. The song also contains references to the Ogre god of war, Mok-Natal. The song also features the phrase “Sons of Nat”, referring to the orcs’ elite guards.

In World of Warcraft, the Loktar is used to greet players and annoy enemy orcs. It is a common orcish phrase that means victory or death. A mug and neck gaiter featuring the song are also available. The phrase is used in the game’s world, as well as in the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness expansion. Interestingly, the Lok’tar also has a different meaning in Warcraft III and WoW.

The Lok-Tar is an orcish war cry and a traditional greeting used by orcs during battles. It is usually sung with an apostrophe or hyphen to signify victory. Another song that orcs use is called Lok’amon, which means “family.”

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Reference to Grom Hellscream

When you look at the name of the lok tar, you’ll notice that the ‘lok’ refers to a giant. The word ‘lok’ is actually an orcish word for “giant”. The “lok” part of the name is related to the word ‘gol,’ which means ‘by my’ and ‘ax.’ So, it could mean “Grom’S AXE,” which would make this a more appropriate title.

The lok tar, also known as Grom Hellscream, is a legendary orc battle cry that reflects the ferocity of the orcs. It is a recurrent theme in the World of Warcraft. While it is not known exactly what causes this phenomenon, it’s believed that it relates to a certain type of orc. A demon-enhanced orc can be dangerous to an entire group of people.

A demon’s name, likewise, refers to a creature or an object, and it is not always obvious who that being is. Some orcs have names consisting of two syllables separated by an apostrophe, which might refer to an axe. Other potential meanings include “giant’s axe” and “mayhem.” And yet, some orc names have no definite meaning in Orkish.

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