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What Happened to Frank Fritz on American Pickers 2021?

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 4, 2022
What Happened to Frank Fritz on American Pickers 2021?

The series has lost a key member, Frank Fritz. The ex-model and reality TV star have left American Pickers after six seasons, but there are no immediate reasons for his exit. He’s married to Jodi Faeth, but it’s unclear whether their split had anything to do with his exit. Meanwhile, Danielle Colby has spoken out about the loss, and she believes that it’s not the fault of the show.

what happened to frank on american pickers

Why Frank Fritz Has Not Appeared On American Pickers Since The Start Of The Twenty-Second Season?

Frank Fritz has not appeared on American Pickers since the start of the twenty-second season. The reason behind his departure has not yet been revealed, but the history channel has already cited the feud between him and his co-host Mike Wolfe as the main reason. The two hosts, however, remain on the show. While Mike Wolfe confirmed that Frank was no longer a part of the show, fans are left wondering just how and why the show is going on without him.

As for Frank’s departure from American Pickers, the show’s producers have yet to make a statement. Despite his appearances, the two-man team is not yet at a standstill. His absence from the latest season has sparked rumors that the two of them may have split up. While he’s been absent from the show since the first episode, he’s been out of the country since the mid-season return in early June. So, what happened to Frank?

How Did The Show’s Ratings Suffer After Frank Fritze?

While the show’s ratings suffered after the episode, it has since been renewed for Season 23. In 2022, Mike Wolfe introduced his brother Robbie Wolfe to the show as an alternative co-host. Although this was not a big surprise, it’s also unlikely to be the reason why Frank is no longer on American Pickers. The show’s creator Mike Wolfe has made it clear that he was fired from the series after his addictions became public. In fact, he’s been sober for months and has said that he’d love to have his own show.

Interestingly, Frank Fritz has not appeared on American Pickers since last summer. While the show was canceled, he had taken a two-year hiatus for health reasons. He underwent back surgery in July of 2017, which left him with two rods and 185 stitches in his spine. During this time, he had to deal with a serious car accident that affected his back. As a result, he was not asked back for the Season 23 finale.

What Was The Reaction Of The Audience On Frank Fritz’s Absence?

While many fans have been incredibly disappointed in his absence, some are still watching the show. Regardless of how the show ended, Frank Fritz’s exit from American Pickers is a major blow to the show. While his departure has sparked much debate, the series’ creator has made it a more inclusive place to work. He also has the same goal of helping kids learn about history. If the actor is still happy, the producers will continue to produce more episodes.

The show’s cancellation has also left fans wondering if he’ll return to American Pickers. After a lengthy hiatus, he announced his departure from the show in a statement. His upcoming departure has left fans wondering why he’s leaving the show after such a short period of time. There’s no evidence that he was ever seriously ill, but his lack of appearance on the show did leave viewers with questions.

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