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What is a Kandi Rave?

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 6, 2022
What is a Kandi Rave?

When you attend a kandi rave, you’re likely to encounter many people wearing colorful, neon bracelets. While the meaning of kandi has changed over the years, there are some things you should know about these bracelets before you head out to a kandi rave. Keep reading to learn more. There are many ways to be safe at a kandi rave, from the PLUR handshake to safety tips.

PLUR handshake:

The PLUR handshake is a secret ritual at raves, and a ravers’ handshake is often the first thing swapped between partners. The PLUR handshake is the symbol of unity and peace in rave culture. The handshake is a series of interlocking finger movements which spell out peace, love, unity, and respect. Using the symbols, ravers’ handshakes are a universal way to express their respect and love.

While the PLUR handshake is a traditional part of a kandi rave, it’s also a fun way to make new friends. The kandi ritual is important in identifying the EDM culture. The handshake serves as an invitation to share conversation. Some ravers might be genuinely nice, and others may ignore trades in the name of a lack of kandi.

kandi bracelets:

Kandi bracelets are friendship bracelets made with specialty beads, commonly plastic. They are exchanged during EDM-themed gatherings in North America. These bracelets typically contain heartfelt trinkets, funny sayings, and meaningful lyrics. The kandi movement has even spread to other cultures, and kandi-wearing is now a well-respected custom among EDM fans.

In addition to its practicality, kandi is a way to express memories. While photos may be able to capture the essence of a rave, kandi is a scene-specific way to relive the memories. There is something special about the way kandi looks, and the people who wear it. The bracelets also give you a unique opportunity to express your personal taste. Here are some of the ways in which kandi rave bracelets are used at rave festivals.

Safety of kandi raves:

The kandi community is a colorful explosion of ecstasy, music, and toys. While the raves can be a fun and exciting way to escape reality, the safety of kandi raves is also paramount. The kandi kids, or “kandi kids,” are renowned for their safety practices and are often seen passing out water to keep people cool and safe. These kids are often seen distributing food and water to strangers, allowing people to avoid danger and help each other cope with grief.

Insomniac Events, the organizers of many kandi raves, encourage the exchange of kandi with other attendees. In addition to trading, kandi events encourage the use of rave totems, including candy. Other rave organizers, such as HARD Events, have banned kandi because of drug concerns. Kandi raves are not safe environments for those with drug addictions, so avoiding them is crucial.

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