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What is a Takuache?

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 6, 2021

The word takuache is a popular one in the world of pop culture. It refers to a certain type of haircut for guys, or a certain style of outfit. In the words of the Urban dictionary, a takuache is a man who has a high-bald tapered hairstyle, sometimes referred to as an Edgar haircut. The term is also associated with phrases such as “la mamalona,” “cuh,” and “no quema cuh,” which are catchphrases for people who drive a truck like a possum. The phrase is a catchy way of describing someone who has a low-rider or a dropped Chevy Silverado.

From Where The Term Takuache Originate?

A takuache’s fashion is a combination of classic styles with modern trends. The term originates from a tweet linking a short haircut with the name Edgar. This post was shared by TheFigueroaShow, and was re-tweeted over 19,000 times and received 77,000 likes. Later, it was thought to be a reference to the late Kevin O’Donnell. When he died, he had a takuache haircut.

The term is a common one among Mexicans. The word is derived from ahuevo, which means possum in Spanish. It’s a popular slang term for a kangaroo-like creature. Some people use it to describe a possum in a funny way. But a takuache’s word for a possum is tlacuache.

A Takuache is a Hairstyle:

A takuache is a hairstyle that resembles a side-part style, but the fringe is turned upward. The style is called tlacuache in Mexico and is the opossum in English. In the Spanish language, it means “animal that eats a lot.” In Latin America,  is known as a zarigueya. But adoes not have a specific meaning.

This haircut is a popular haircut for young Mexican-American men. It is the Mexican version of the Caesar style. It is short, and has a textured cut. The takuache also wears a lot of black clothing, including bootcut jeans and square-toed boots.This is also a man who enjoys the truck meet lifestyle and peg leg burnouts.

Some Additional HairCut:

In addition to a takuache, an Edgar haircut is a very popular one for teenage boys. It is the Mexican version of a Caesar haircut and is also known as a hood bowl. But unlike Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber-styled hair, a  is suitable for any hair type and ethnicity. It is a short, straight line of fringe on the forehead, and can be worn high or low.

Use Of Term  Takuache:

A takuache can be used to describe a person who has a high-quality body. For example, a can be a person who has high self-esteem and is very likable. However, a takuache can also be a man who is in love. Although  is more common in women than in men, it is not limited to this sex.

The popularity of takuache memes originated in the video creation tools. With their contemporary aesthetics, these takuache memes have spread across the world. A takuache meme can be a funny text message or a viral video shared on social media. Despite the fact that takuache is not an offensive term, its creators are aware that people may feel threatened by the contents of their creations.

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