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What is Area Code 713?

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 23, 2021
What is Area Code 713?

If you are curious about the location of area code 713, you have come to the right place. This phone number can be found in seven different cities in the U.S. What is Area Code 713? These cities include Deer Park, Houston, Huffman, League City, Spring, Sugar Land, and West University Place. In this article, we will take a look at these areas and explain what the area code means. Once you have this information, you can start searching for phone numbers in this area code.

Which State Serve By Area Code 713?

The area code 713 serves the state of Texas and covers 763,903 phone numbers. The largest city within the  is Houston, which has a population of 2,992,167 people. Reverse phone lookups can reveal who a caller is by using a phone number’s area code. You can use an online tool like Intelius to run a search. The report you receive will include the type of cell phone and carrier, the name of the owner, their current and previous addresses, and the age of the owner’s children.

Area Code 713 Is Not A Toll-Free Number:

You may be charged based on the length of your call because  is not a toll-free number. It will also depend on your cell phone plan. Some plans charge per minute, while others require a premium subscription. Be sure to ask your carrier or company before making a call. When you find a number that looks suspicious, you can use a reverse phone lookup to learn who the owner is.

The Area Code 713 Is A Common Scam:

Another reason why you shouldn’t use  is that it is a common scam. If you don’t know who is calling, it can be a bad idea to answer the call. The scammer will typically introduce themselves as part of a customer service team and will then charge you a fee for connecting. The fee will vary based on how long you’re on the phone and how many minutes you spend talking with them.

Since area code 713 is not a toll free number, you will have to pay for the service. It is important to keep in mind that you may be able to get the same number for free if you have a mobile phone plan that covers the entire U.S., but it will still be more expensive than using a toll-free number. However, the good news is that you can still find a toll-free number in the  and it is not too difficult to find one that will fit your needs.

Area Code 713 Was Originally Designed To Serve The City Of Houston:

Although was originally designed to serve the city of Houston, it has since been split into two. The area code in Houston serves the suburbs of the city, but the city’s population is around 2,992167. By using a reverse phone lookup, you can find out the identity of a number you’ve received for the last few minutes. You can use this phone number to find the owner of a number that’s been calling you.

Texas Area Is Comprised Of Seven Counties:

The 713 area code is in Texas. Its area is comprised of seven counties, including Harris County. The area code in Houston is the smallest in the state. It covers the Greater Houston region, which is a major city that is home to many small communities. Because of this, there are so many neighborhoods in Houston that are surrounded by a single area code. For the city, this is a major problem.

The Number 713 Is Unique In The United States:

However, despite the high number of local phone numbers in the area code, the number 713 is unique in the United States and is largely associated with scams. Many people mistake this phone number for a real customer service team. It’s actually a fake caller that’s pretending to be the customer service department of a major company. Usually, these calls are recorded. If the caller is a real customer, the number will be listed as such in the report.

Area code 713 is one of the original 86 area codes that was put into service in 1947. It serves the cities of Houston and the surrounding areas of Fort Bend and Montgomery counties. Moreover, the area code includes communities such as Baytown, League City, and Sugar Land. These areas are the largest in the area code 713. If you are planning to make calls to the area code 713, make sure that you use a landline or a mobile phone.

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