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What Is B&H Photo Video

ByJohn Amelia

Feb 17, 2022
What Is B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is an American retailer of digital and film camera equipment. Founded in 1973, B&H has one physical store and a website. The company conducts its business mainly through online e-commerce consumer sales, with business-to-business sales also conducted in select locations. Besides this retail location, B&H Photo Video also maintains an online community of photography enthusiasts. What Is B&H Photo Video It offers a range of products for amateur and professional photographers.

How B2B Side Of B&H Photo Video Is An Excellent Place To Shop For Technology?

The B2B side of B&H Photo Video is an excellent place to shop for technology. The company is committed to offering its clients a variety of products at affordable prices. It has an extensive range of technology products. It also offers a number of special services. For instance, businesses can get tax-exempt status and receive a zero-issue financing fee on most purchases. In addition, the company provides competitive pricing for bulk purchases.

Where Is The B&H Store Located?

Though B&H has a physical store in New York City, it is the biggest online retailer of photographic equipment. Unlike other online retailers, the company does not process web orders on weekends or on Saturdays. While B&H Photo Video has several online stores, the majority of sales are made over the Internet. The headquarters and warehouse are located in Florence, New Jersey. The website sells mainly professional and specialty video equipment. The Japanese-based company Herman Schreiber acquired B&H Photo Video in 2013 for $210 million.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced professional photographer, B&H has a comprehensive selection of photographic equipment. You can choose from a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens, and more. The store also offers tripods, lighting accessories, and backup storage. Customers can also purchase photo printers and other essential accessories. The entire experience of photography can be enhanced with B&H’s educational resources.

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