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What is Clever Programmer?

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 30, 2022
What is Clever Programmer?

In the Clever Programmer community, students learn to code through real-world projects. As a result, they have more than 100,000 students, who share a common passion for learning how to code. In addition to learning to code, Clever Programmer students also build real-world projects. They also have a strong community, which helps them learn from each other.


Clever programmers may struggle to distinguish themselves from those who aren’t. Clever code is difficult to read. It’s like trying to read latin poetry. Besides, “clever” as an attribute of a person has a different meaning. The human mind is complex, so it’s hard to write software that is clear and simple for people to understand.

A clever programmer might see a quick fix for a bug and stop. Instead of putting this fix into the source code, the clever programmer will compose the behavior they want to achieve in the system. That will make it easier for others to understand the code and make changes. This will improve maintainability.

Job placement rate:

The Clever Programmer bootcamp program offers job placement assistance and offers mock interviews and direct contact with recruiters once students graduate. It also provides students with a hands-on experience of building real-world projects. The program also emphasizes soft skills and provides career development advice. Students learn to use a computer programming language and apply it to real-world situations.


There are over 100,000 students on Clever Programmer, and they’re all learning the same thing: to write code. Instead of rote textbook exercises, they’re building real-world projects. This way, they can put their learning into practice right away. The community is supportive and includes people from all backgrounds. There’s no harassment and no discrimination.


Clever Programmer is a YouTube channel devoted to programming tips and tricks. The videos are made by Rafeh Qazi, a Pakistani who lives in Los Angeles. Clever Programmer has over two million subscribers. The channel focuses on Python programming, software development, and soft skills for software developers.

Student testimonials:

Clever offers an application programming interface and iOS mobile app that enable remote student login. The program is available as a monthly subscription and includes a help center that provides FAQs and documentation. Clever’s reviews from satisfied customers are extremely positive. Some of them even include the word “love”!

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