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What is Dab Me Up?

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 26, 2021
What is Dab Me Up?

Dab me up is a popular greeting that originated in 2015, and has gained immense popularity in the United States since. It is similar to sneezing into an elbow and is used as a synonym for giving the “dap,” an acronym for dignity and pride. In the last year, it has also been used in courtrooms to denote irony. Originally, the greeting was first used by black soldiers in Vietnam during the Black Power movement.

Where is The Dab Used?

Dabs are also commonly used in sport and social settings. In basketball, the expression has become a ritual and is celebrated as a form of team unity and mental alertness. Whether it is used to greet teammates or boost morale, the word has evolved into its own language. In the sports world, it is widely recognized as a salute for teamwork and unity. It has also been adopted as a verb in other contexts, such as in business.

From Where The Dabbing Is Originated?

Today, dabbing has largely lost its ‘cool’ status. In many cultures, it is now a juvenile courtesy, comparable to sneezing into an elbow bend. However, it originated in African-American societies, where it is often used to welcome new acquaintances. In this case, the gesture is a friendly way to greet someone and is equivalent to hand-shaking, chest-bumping, and fist-pounding. During the Vietnam War, black soldiers began using the phrase to represent the black power movement.

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