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What is Rave Kandi?

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 16, 2022
What is Rave Kandi?

The word “Kandi” is a symbol of individualism. Whether it is jewelry or sugary treats, a raver’s kandi is their personal expression. A kandi also means an attitude that encourages a positive outlook. You can see this in the PLUR, hugs, and smiles that people share during a rave. If you want to know more about this culture, read on!

Kandi is a symbol of individualism:

Although the kandi is a symbol of ‘individualism’, it is also associated with a community of people who celebrate peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility. It is usually made of pony beads and stones etched with festival-themed words and represents individualism and rebellion. This accessory is worn on the right arm. Although the kandi is often criticized for its association with drugs, it is a sign of individualism.

The kandi is a colorful beaded accessory that is unique to rave culture. These kandi are exchanged with others during secret handshakes. However, these gifts must be given with proper etiquette to prevent them from being stolen. While there are rules and regulations that go along with this activity, there is no reason not to practice etiquette.

It’s a way to get creative:

Traditionally, rave kandi has been brightly colored beaded bracelets. Pony beads are most often used in the making of these bracelets. Alternatively, kandi may refer to any kind of beaded clothing, mask, or jewelry. A major characteristic of a rave is its kandi culture. The purpose of this type of art is to exchange it or give it away.

Pony beads are a popular material for kandi, as they are inexpensive and light to wear. Pony beads are available in a variety of colors, and the basic tools to make them are scissors and string. If you choose to use elastic string, you can choose one with some give. This will help your bracelet to fit comfortably while dancing. You can also add a knot to finish your bracelets. For wired jewelry, you will typically use a clasp.

It’s a way to show appreciation for the scene:

Kandi has become a ubiquitous part of rave culture. Originally made by two friends at a table, this piece of body art is an expression of unity, friendship, and escapism. It’s not meant to be seen by the real world or the mainstream. Often times, kandi is traded, and it’s a way to show respect and appreciation for those who perform this art.

A popular practice at raves has been trading kandi bracelets. The process is simple, and it’s a great way to meet new people while also showing your appreciation for the rave community. Pony beads are a popular choice for Kandi, and the bracelets are usually strung on an elastic string. This makes them easy to exchange, and they can be worn anywhere.

It’s a way to prevent drug use:

It’s not unusual for ravers to wear colorful outfits and fanciful jewelry. In many cases, they exchange kandi with other ravers, touching their fingers together to form a double peace sign and repeating the mantras of peace, love, and unity as they slide their kandi from wrist to wrist. An old school raver, Shana Steiner, says kandi is a form of escapism. However, some say that the word “rave” is a dirty word and a trend that will eventually die out.

The core structural beat of the rave culture is trauma. The heavy drug use, vibrant artistic expression, and coping mechanisms that people use to manage trauma are all part of a larger whole. As psychiatrist Bessel van del Kolk points out in his book, “Trauma is about love and loss, and disruption of relationships.” The best way to minimize the consequences of this trauma is to talk to other people, and avoid drugging and alcohol. But for many people, it is not an option, and the culture is still alive and well.

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