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What Is The purpose Of Prank Dial App

ByJohn Amelia

Feb 22, 2022
What Is The purpose Of Prank Dial App

PrankDial is a fun app for making prank calls. This app will give you a heads up if anyone has answered or thumbs down your prank call. You can also enter promo codes or pay via PayPal to make your calls more affordable. Besides making prank calls, you can also buy additional apps and receive more perks.What Is The purpose Of Prank Dial App  Despite its popularity, the downside is that it is not safe for children to use.

How Many Call We Can Get From Prankdial Every Day?

PrankDial is a popular app in the App Store and is free to download. Unlike many other prank apps, it is ad-supported, but it does not affect your phone’s performance. You can get two free prank calls every day. You can also buy additional prank calls if you wish. While it may seem funny at first, it is not safe for kids. There have been cases reported of bullying, stalking, and harassment. The prank dial app asks users to log into their Facebook accounts.

Does PrankDail Has Trial Version?

If you are worried that you will get banned from the site, there is a trial version that lets you make prank calls. However, you cannot personalize the prank calls that you make. Nevertheless, the service has some positive points. For instance, it allows users to record prank calls and leave comments on them. Furthermore, you can add an alias number that has no country code and record the call. After receiving the call, you can add your number to the “Do Not Call” list and block the pranks that are annoying you.

What Are The Features Of PrankDial?

There are various features to unlock in PrankDial. You can get free prerecorded messages or make free prank calls by connecting the app to multiple Facebook accounts. Once you have logged in to your account, you can access other perks such as calling people with an unlimited amount of phone numbers, scheduling pranks and removing ads. All these features can be unlocked by purchasing token credits, which you can obtain for a reasonable price.

How To Use PrankDial?

The pranks on PrankDial are completely free. You just need to enter your friend’s phone number with the country code and customize the name and recording of the prank call. Then, the prank will be sent to all your friends. If you want to get more elaborate, you can make videos and save them for later. This is a great way to annoy friends and family. So, make sure to download this app and give it a try! There are many reasons to love this app.

Why People Use PrankDial?

One of the biggest reasons to use PrankDial is to annoy friends and family. This app works on simple principles, but it is still a great way to make people laugh. You can send it to anyone, whether it is a friend or family member. And the pranks are free of charge. There are no strings attached. With a few tokens, you can send prank calls to friends and family.

How Many Types Of Pranks Available In PrankDial?

PrankDialer is a free prank call website. There are several types of pranks available, including love, sexy, and funny. While the pranks on the site are harmless, some people have received false accusations. Some users have even been accused of sexual solicitation, defrauding the IRS, and even stealing money. These people have been able to seek legal redress, but their actions have led to a growing number of negative reactions.

Prankdial.com is a free app that lets you send prank calls to friends and family. Its website is easy to use and has a search bar. To send a prank call, you must enter your friend’s phone number and country code. Once you have entered their number, you can choose the type of spooky call to the person you’re trying to prank.


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