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What Seats Fit S10?

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 25, 2022
What Seats Fit S10?

You can install GM seats on your S10 seat by bolting them to the seat tracks. These seats are available in bench and bucket configurations. If you are considering buying an S10 replacement seat, make sure that the measurements are exact. In order to have a proper fit, the seat must be the same type as the one in the back. Read on to learn more. We hope this article was helpful. Have a great day!

GM seats bolt to the S10 seat tracks

GM seats have universal seat tracks and will bolt to the S10’s. Any F body seat will bolt to the S10’s seat tracks, as will most Cadillac seats. All GM seats bolt to the S10 seat tracks, including the Cavalier and Sunfire. These cars have lightweight seats that are surprisingly comfortable. If you want to swap GM seats into your S10, you can look for replacement bucket seats from other vehicles. A 2-door Chevy Cavalier would be the best choice, although a Camaro seat would also work.

GM seats are available in bucket and bench configurations

For those who want to upgrade their seat configuration, the S10 offers a variety of options. Standard seating is a bench with a split back, while optional seats include “Strato Buckets” that offer a three-across seating arrangement. A new shifter and a storage compartment are found on the floor console. Bucket seats are one-piece high-back seats with built-in headrests. Seats are swivelable almost 90 degrees and come in vinyl or cloth.

The S10 was refreshed several times, until its replacement by Colorado in 2003. Its predecessor, the GMC Syclone, earned its fame due to its slatted horizontal grille. The second generation of the S10 shared many components with its GMC cousin, the Blazer. The grille of the S10 was more reminiscent of the Blazer than its predecessor, and it was characterized by a chrome horizontal slat.

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