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What’s New in the Latest Fortnite Update?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 24, 2022
What’s New in the Latest Fortnite Update?

The latest Fortnite update has brought some new features and improvements to the game. Guided Missile, Tilted Towers and Daily Quest are all back. But did Epic Games improve the Jetpack? Read on for more details. We’ve also highlighted some of the most exciting changes to the game. So, what’s new in Fortnite? Here are five things to look forward to. And don’t miss the new Weekly Quest!

Tilted Towers return to the App Store

Tilted Towers were once popular forts on the original island, but the lava and fireballs made them a far cry from the game’s popularity. Although other popular forts include Stark Industries, the Daily Bugle, and Pleasant Park, these are not nearly as popular as Tilted Towers. However, the new version of Tilted Towers promises to be a far cry from its predecessor. Tilted Towers are making their comeback in the App Store with a brand-new update.

The new update to Fortnite brings back old content and adds some fresh features, including the return of Tilted Towers, an iconic urban area. The towers first appeared in the game’s original battle royale map and have undergone several changes in the past few months. It was replaced by Neo Tilted in Chapter 1 Season 9 and Tilted Town in Chapter 2 Season 5. But, the towers are back and will soon be available to players once the ice melts.

Guided Missile returns to the Vault

After being retired last season, the Guided Missile is making a comeback with the latest update to Fortnite. It now comes in legendary and epic variants and features several other improvements. The Guided Missile is more powerful than ever before and will be useful in battle royale games. The new version will also include several bug fixes and improvements. Here are the details on each weapon’s changes:

The Guided Missile was introduced in Fortnite back in March. However, Epic Games removed it due to a variety of problems, including its excessive power. Epic Games admitted that they loved the Guided Missile for its moments of fun, but they were also aware of the concerns of the Fortnite community over the weapon’s power. Epic Games has not yet confirmed when the Guided Missile will be back in the game.

Daily quest

The new Fortnite update has added the Daily Quest to the game. Daily Quests were previously given out in the form of Daily Coins and V-Bucks. Today, they grant a player between 50 and 400 V-Bucks and 100 to 400 Gold. There is no time limit for Daily Quests, and players can have up to 3 active quests at any time. There are now three types of Daily Quests in Fortnite: class-based missions, which now award 60 V-bucks for completing.

For this quest, players can refuel their repair torch by finding a nearby gas station and pressing a button. The Ranger Shotgun has a long-range, but it won’t do much damage from afar. This means that you need to shoot someone over fifty meters away to get any kind of damage from it. But, that’s not the only new feature in Fortnite. It is easy to complete the Daily Quest if you have teammates and can share a copy of the item with them.

Improvements to the Jetpack

One of the most important changes in the new Fortnite update is an improvement to the Jetpack. This new item allows players to hover and strafe while aiming. It can now also fire explosive projectiles, which is a huge advantage. Jetpack nerfs include reducing the amount of fuel, slowing down the speed of the jetpack, and moving its spawn location to vending machines and supply drops. Hopefully, Epic Games will be able to make these changes in the coming weeks, so that the new Fortnite update can be an even better experience for everyone.

Another major change to the Jetpack is that loopers can now aim while shooting from a Jetpack. While the Jetpack was originally announced quite a while ago, it took a while for Epic to implement it. In the meantime, it’s also important to note that there have been other changes to the game’s items. The shotgun, for example, has lost some of its damage, though the heavy and pump shotguns will still do the same amount of damage.

Changes to the HUD

The latest Fortnite update adds some more customization to the HUD. A new “HUD Layout Tool” allows you to move virtual controls and the inventory bar around. While Epic Interactive has yet to release Fortnite on Android, you can still use third-party tweaks to adjust your HUD. Here are some of the most noticeable changes. You might be surprised by some of them! Hopefully, these changes will make the game even more enjoyable.

– Timers. The HUD displays information about timers in two ways. You can toggle the direction of the timer. You can choose to show the timer as either a countdown or an up-or-down counter. You can also choose to have a team-wide timer or apply it to individual players. When you turn the Timer On and Off, you will be able to see how much time you have remaining to finish a mission.

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