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When Area Code 412 Was Put Into Service

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 25, 2021
When Area Code 412 Was Put Into Service

The Pittsburgh, PA area code is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia. It is also the 27th largest city in the United States. Known as “the Steel City” for its steel industry, Pittsburgh is home to more than 440 bridges. This city is located within the Eastern Time Zone. The 412 area code is the most commonly used phone number in the state of Pennsylvania. If you would like to know more about Pittsburgh, PA, you can find information about it on Hushed.

When Area Code 412 Was Put Into Service?

The 412 area code was put into service in 1988. It was later split into area codes 724 and 878 and overlaid with another area code, 728. The 724 area code still covers Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, including Washington, Westmoreland, and Fayette counties. If you live in one of these areas, you can keep your current phone number. This will affect only new customers and existing customers who add additional lines.

The area code is one of the oldest in the United States. It was first put into service on January 1, 1947 and is the second-largest in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia. In the early 1900s, it was a small town. After World War II, the city was divided in two by the AT&T company. The four-digit Pittsburgh area code served the same territory as the eight-digit 724 and the 928 area code.

In the area code, you can find services in the city and the region. The 412 area code covers the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The city is a large, metropolitan area in southwest Pennsylvania. The population of this area is approximately 1,223,048. It is also a part of the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area. So if you are looking for an area code in Pennsylvania, then you can find it in Nextiva.

Which Areas Cover By Area Code 412?

The 412 area code is in southwestern Pennsylvania. Allegheny County is the largest city in this area, covering approximately 58 square miles. Additionally, it includes parts of Westmoreland and Washington counties. The city is about 370 miles from New York City and is home to a large industrial complex. This area code is one of the largest in the state and is considered a thriving metropolis with numerous businesses.

Which Area Code Overlay With Area Code 878?

The area code 412 is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was introduced to the public in 1947 and has overlaid with area code 878 in 2001. These area codes serve the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. The area code covers the cities of Bethel Park, Mccandless Township, Plum, Ross, West Mifflin, and East Liberty. The Pittsburgh area code is part of the 152 and 172 dialing systems.

Which Countries Covered By 412 Area Code?

The Pittsburgh area code covers parts of Allegheny, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. This area code was created in 1947 as part of the North American Numbering Plan. The numbers are formatted differently in each area. The 412 area code is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It serves the Pittsburgh metro. The other two area codes are in the 878 area. The 878 area code is located in the same county.

The 412 area code covers the city of Pittsburgh, PA. The city is the state’s second-largest city after Philadelphia. It covers 58 square miles in western Pennsylvania. The area code for Pittsburgh also covers parts of Washington and Westmoreland counties. Located in southwest Pennsylvania, the city is a major hub for industry, commerce, and technology. There are a number of businesses and industries in the region. The Pittsburgh area code can help you connect with your customers in a variety of ways.

In the United States, the 412 area code covers the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area. It is located in Allegheny County. As of 2017, the population of the city of Pittsburgh is 1,223,048. It is part of the Pittsburgh, PA metro area. Therefore, the area code is very important for businesses in this region. Whether you are a small business or a large company, Nextiva is here to help you stay connected to your customers.

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