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When Does Outlaw Pass 4 End in Red Dead 2?

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 25, 2022
When Does Outlaw Pass 4 End in Red Dead 2?

If you are curious as to when the RDR2 Outlaw Pass 4 will end, you’ve come to the right place. This pass costs 35 gold bars and unlocks 80 club ranks. However, you must know that it won’t last forever. It will expire on May 31, 2021. In this article, we will cover the details of the past, as well as its expiry date. Read on to discover more about this exciting new addition to the game.

Outlaw Pass 4 runs from December 1 to March 15 of 2021:

Outlaw Pass 4 is a limited-time event for Red Dead Online that includes cosmetics, discounts, item bundles, and quality-of-life upgrades. The Outlaw Pass costs 40 Gold Bars and will run from December 1 to March 15 of 2021. For this event, players will receive a new canine companion and 30% off all Role Outfits. Additionally, collectors can get 40% off Refined Binoculars.

It costs 35 gold bars:

The Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass is a purchasable piece of content, and the latest version was just released on March 16. It will cost you 35 Gold Bars and will unlock a number of special items, as well as various role options, routes, and activities. In addition to unlocking these items, the Outlaw Pass will give you access to exclusive rewards and activities, including new skill pamphlets. The Outlaw Pass can be purchased from the Online Store or through Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalog.

It unlocks 80 club ranks:

The Outlaw Pass offers new items, discounts, and role XP boosts to Red Dead Online players. It is available for purchase in the store and is set to launch on December 1 and continue through March 15 of 2021. It costs 40 gold bars, and players can earn another 30 by playing through the game. It is not clear if this will be a paid or free upgrade, so we have to wait and see.

It ends on May 31st:

The Outlaw Pass has an expiry date of May 31st and contains some great new content. As far as the free content goes, you can unlock items from the new tracks. The Outlaw Pass also features new character Emotes that can be used to express your emotions. This season’s new costumes and weapons are also coming to the game, as are fresh cosmetic modifications for weapons. And don’t forget to check out the new Bar Photos.

It has shorter seasons:

If you’re a regular player of the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, you might want to consider buying the Outlaw Pass. This season pass is a bit cheaper than the standard Outlaw Pass, and it will cost you 15 gold bars. Although it doesn’t have a long lifespan, you may find that it’s more of an investment than a money-saving device. Fortunately, you can still use it on multiple platforms.

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