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When is Xbox Series X Restocking?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 24, 2022
When is Xbox Series X Restocking?

If you are looking to purchase an Xbox Series X console, you should know that GameStop will restock the console on Thursday, October 7. Restocking is scheduled for 11 am EDT, 10 am CDT, 9 am MDT, and 8 am PDT. During the restock, the retailer will often throw in freebies like Xbox Game Pass memberships or an extra controller for your new console.


Amazon has yet to restock Xbox Series X consoles at their main website since December, but they’ve been doing it monthly since then. A few months ago, they began coordinating Xbox Series X restocks, and the last time that happened was December 16. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation, but for now, Amazon seems to be running a little behind. But if you’re in the market for a new console, now is the time to buy.

You can also check Walmart for availability, and sometimes you can even find an Xbox Series X for cheaper than at Amazon. This way, you won’t need to sign up for Walmart’s “Walmart+” program to buy an Xbox. However, you may have to wait for several days before receiving your new console. Also, keep in mind that some Walmart users reported that their delivery time for the Xbox Series X was slow.


The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s flagship console, is a hot item these days. With supply shortages, scalpers, and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to find one for sale. With the Xbox One S coming soon, GameStop has restocked a limited number of the consoles. The restocking begins on June 16, so you can get one while supplies last.

The restocking starts at 11 AM ET, 10 am CDT, 8 am PT, and 9 AM MDT. If you want to get your hands on a new Xbox, be sure to shop for a bundle. GameStop often throws in extras like Xbox Game Pass memberships or an extra controller. If you want to get an Xbox X in a bundle, you’ll have to act fast.


When is the Xbox series X restocked? Most retailers drop Xbox Series X stock in the morning, but some retailers still haven’t received stock yet. The best place to find Xbox Series X is to check the official retailer website. Microsoft typically restocks Xbox Series X units before 9 am ET, but the Xbox Store, Ebuyer, and AO are not guaranteed to receive stock until after midday. Checking online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart can give you a good idea of when Xbox Series X is restocked.

If you’re on Twitter, you can sign up for alerts from gaming retailers. You can also join Twitter lists to stay informed about upcoming restocks. You can follow accounts such as @mattswider, @wario64, and video game deals to get updates on new Xbox Series X restocks. Once you’ve subscribed, you can follow these users and get updates whenever they post about new stock.


While you can find the Xbox Series X for sale at Best Buy for a little less than $200 if you subscribe to Totaltech, you might not be able to get it if you’re not a Totaltech member. Best Buy has been restocking Xbox games since December. It’s been very difficult to find a new game console, and the Xbox Series X is no exception. The Xbox is often sold out quickly, so be sure to purchase your console as soon as you can, as it doesn’t last long.

While the PlayStation 5 restocking was a pleasant surprise, Best Buy also launched a new stock a few hours after the Xbox one was restocked. Unlike TotalTech, the PS5 restock at Best Buy wasn’t a big deal for people who didn’t already own one. Moreover, members got a discount on the PS5 if they subscribed to Totaltech. Despite the difficulties, the restocking brought good fortune to many consumers.


When is Xbox series X restock? has been a question on the minds of console enthusiasts and gamers alike. Due to a global chip shortage, the console is often hard to come by. As such, supply has been spread across several different online retailers. The good news is that a new batch of consoles is expected sometime between Feb. 28 and Mar. 6. This article is not intended to be a shopping guide for those looking to purchase an Xbox Series X.

Retailers generally make Xbox Series X in stock at certain times. These times can vary, but they’re typically around midnight ET or midday ET. During restocking, online retailers experience high demand. However, there are still chances of finding a console when you check out in a local store. If you’re looking for the Xbox Series X in a store, you can check PopFindr or Slickdeals, as these websites can check local retail inventories based on your ZIP code. But keep in mind that if you order in the morning, you might have to wait five to ten minutes and that it might be out of stock when you check out at midday.

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