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When The 409 Area Code Time Zone Come Into Service

ByJohn Amelia

Jan 21, 2022
When The  409 Area Code Time Zone Come Into Service

The 409 area code is a telephone area code for the state of Texas. It was assigned on November 1st, 1982, and went into service on November 1st, 1983. This area code follows the same dialing format as the rest of the country, including a +1 country code followed by a seven-digit local number. When The 409 Area Code Time Zone Come Into Service. Here is a list of cities in the 409 area code. You can look up their phone numbers to find out more about the phone company.

Which Areas Covered By 409 Area Code?

The 409 area code covers parts of eastern Texas, including Galveston, Port Arthur, and Beaumont. The area code is part of the Central Daylight Time Zone or America/Chicago, and the current time is currently 1:53 am. The four-digit area code was first put into service in November 1982 and was replaced by area code 979 in 2000. In 2008, it covered most of East Texas. In 2011, there were 1.2 million people living in this region, making it the third-largest area code in the United States. It was originally split from area code 714 on March 19, 1983. The eastern and central segments of the area code are still under the same area code, while the western and southern segments were assigned to other codes.

The 409 area code was created during the convention of the North American numbering plan in 1983. It serves the cities of Galveston and Beaumont. It also includes parts of Jefferson County and some cities in Canada. The region has a total population of approximately 125000 and is largely covered by Southwestern Bell. It is a unified and modern city. There are no major telecommunication companies in the area. A large majority of users are in the same time zone as the city they live in.

When The 409 Area Code Was Established?

The 409 area code was established in November 1982, when the 713 area codes split. The numbering plan was reorganized in 1982, and it was assigned to the Beaumont-Galveston areas. The southern portion of the region was split to make way for area code 489. Most of the area falls in the central time zone, which is six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. The 409 area code serves most of North America as well as parts of central and south America. Since then, the area code was divided into two distinct codes – 281 and 979. The first area code to be added to the map is 337. This is the region of Beaumont, which is covered by the US government.

From Where Did The Four-Digit Area Code Was Originated?

The four-digit area code originated from area code 713 and was split again in 2000. The code is currently split into 56 regions and serves several metropolitan areas, including the cities of Beaumont. This area code is a very common choice for many people. However, if you live in this region, it’s best to find a phone number that’s in the 409 area.

Which Cities Covered By The 936 Area Code?

The 936 area code is located in northwestern Texas and encompasses the cities of Loredo and McAllen. The 936 area code was split from the 409 in 2000. The two areas share the same territory but are completely separate and independent. The 936 area code covers a large portion of the state, while the 409 area code serves primarily the northern half. In contrast, the 936 area code includes the city of Edinburg and 21 counties in Texas. This area code in the US is a part of the larger metropolitan area.


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