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When Will the Xbox Series X Drop in Price?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 20, 2022
When Will the Xbox Series X Drop in Price?

If you have been waiting for the Xbox Series X to drop in price, you’re in luck. There’s a good chance that the console will drop at one of the following stores: Best Buy, Meijer, and Target. We’ve compiled a list of stores that have restocked Xbox Series X. Then, we’ll share how to get your hands on one. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of sales and bargains on Xbox Series Xs.

Best Buy restocks Xbox Series X

If you are a member of the Totaltech program, you’ll probably want to check out the latest restocks of the Xbox Series X from Best Buy. The restocks have been happening regularly since December, and the Xbox has sold out almost immediately. While you can’t get an Xbox Series X for under $200 in most stores, you can get it for $199 through the Totaltech program.

The Xbox Series X has been the most difficult next-gen console to find. The shortages have surpassed PS5 and Xbox Series S. Best Buy has restocked its inventory this morning, but you will have to be outside in line by 7 a.m. local time to get the console. In the meantime, you’ll be able to check out the new Xbox and its bundle options at a variety of retail stores.

The Xbox Series X is available at select Best Buy stores starting Thursday. Employees will start handing out tickets to customers who are in line at 7:30 a.m. local time. They’ll ask which console you’d like to purchase. Once you have the ticket, you can buy the console and games and accessories for it. But, the wait can be long and be frustrating if you don’t get in at the very beginning.

Meijer restocks Xbox Series X

If you’ve been waiting for the new Xbox to hit stores, Meijer is back in stock. The retailer recently announced a restock of the Xbox Series X and S. The Xbox One controller is also back in stock, but the PlayStation 5 is sold out at Target and Meijer. The Xbox is also out of stock at Gamefly and Lenovo. If you’re wondering when Meijer will restock the Xbox, keep reading to find out how you can get one for yourself.

Meijer’s restocking event will start at 6 AM on Black Friday. They’ll have the Xbox Series X and PS5 as well as the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. As for the PS5, the restock will be limited to the online store and the Meijer mPerks reward account. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are both extremely popular, and you can’t get enough of them. If you can’t wait until Black Friday, don’t worry. The restock is only for online purchases, but you can use the same credit card for online and in-store purchases.

Next week, Meijer restocks Xbox Series S and PS5 online. Earlier this week, Target announced a restock of the PS5 but warned that stock would be limited. Check for signs that these consoles will be back in stock, and you’ll be able to find the best price. Just keep an eye out for them on the website or in-store. So don’t wait until the last minute to grab one.

Target restocks Xbox Series X

If you’re wondering if Target restocks Xbox Series X consoles, you’re in luck. While the consoles themselves aren’t sold at retail stores, you can get them from Target employees. Whether they’re aware of the policy or not, they’ll be happy to sell you one if there’s stock available. In order to find out if a specific store is restocking Xbox Series X consoles, you should try calling up a Target store and asking if they’re able to get a supply in stock. If they’re not, you can always call up customer service and ask them to let you know when they expect the stock to arrive.

If the store you’re visiting doesn’t have the console, call that store again and see if there’s any inventory there. If this doesn’t work, try calling as many Targets as possible. If you’re having trouble finding the console, you can always sign up for Verge Deals to get updates on future restocks. Then, you can try visiting the store a day or two before it ships.

The restock date for the Xbox Series X was February 10 and the store sold out very quickly. There are no Xbox Series X consoles available at Target right now, but this could change soon. As we said before, Xbox scarcity is a real problem for retail stores, and retailers are using every trick in the book to keep their inventory out of the hands of scalpers. That’s why Target has been so busy restocking PS5 consoles, and it might happen soon for Xbox Series X as well.

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