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When Will Time Travel Be Possible?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 23, 2022
When Will Time Travel Be Possible?

If you can travel to the future at the speed of light, time will continue to flow as it does today. However, as you approach the speed of light, the flow of time will slow down and you’ll be stuck in the same place as you were yesterday. This would allow you to travel into the future, but you’d have to leave everything behind. If you’re planning to travel at such a high speed, it will take some time.

The space shuttle travels at 17,500 miles per hour

The Space Shuttle has a maximum speed of 17,500 mph while in orbit. To compensate for Earth’s gravitational pull, space shuttles must travel at this high speed. During the launch, the solid rocket boosters separate, increasing the speed of the shuttle rapidly. The maximum speed in orbit is reached after 8.5 minutes. When the shuttle re-enters the atmosphere, its speed is reduced to 213 to 226 miles per hour.

In one direction, humans are capable of travelling at the speed of light, but the body is not designed for that extreme speed. Because of this, spacecraft must be designed to withstand extreme speed. And they must be built with a stable atmosphere. Despite the fact that humans can travel in space, this is not a realistic scenario for the space shuttle. And because the shuttle is so heavy, it will not be easy to land on the moon.

Einstein’s theory of special relativity allows for time travel into the future

The wormhole is a type of spacetime region. It is composed of two black holes that connect two regions of space and time. A physicist named Kip Thorne speculated that a black hole that moves in one direction could be trapped inside another. The moving black hole would age faster than the stationary one and eventually, both black holes would become unsynchronized. This is a theoretical solution to the time travel problem.

The Special Theory of Relativity explains the idea that time is relative and that we can exchange movement in space for movement in time. For example, standing still moves through time at the speed of light. However, when we move through space, our speed slows. Therefore, a moving spaceship will last longer than a stationary one. Hence, it is possible to travel into the future.

Tipler cylinder would need to be infinitely long

The Tipler cylinder, a curved cylinder that spins at billions of rpm, is one possibility for time travel. If the cylinder was infinitely long, astronauts could leave earth in spacecraft and travel to this cylinder. When they arrive at the other side, they would be on a curved timelike curve, but without creating any time paradoxes.

Despite the fact that Tipler’s cylinder is only capable of travelling backwards, it could be used for time travel. To travel backwards, the cylinder would need to be infinitely long, as the tangent space between two points is infinite. However, some scientists scorn this idea, because it is not practical to build an infinitely long cylinder. This idea would also require exotic matter with negative energy.

Einstein-Rosen bridge

The Einstein-Rosen bridge is a theoretical passage that could allow people to travel back and forth in time. This bridge is a type of wormhole that connects distant points in time and space. Its existence would allow people to travel back and forth in time, but a bridge between two parallel universes must be stable. It would be impossible to travel through it unless it was stable.

An Einstein-Rosen bridge would allow humans to move between universes by moving faster than light. It would also make it possible to travel back and forth in time, and could even allow people to see past images. However, this would be dangerous because the bridge would collapse and cause the traveller to fall through it. However, it would be possible to create wormholes with these properties.

Coronavirus patient zero

Time travel is possible. But how does it work? If a person travels back in time to prevent an epidemic, will the timeline correct itself? Would the original outcome occur? The researchers ran the numbers and determined that if the patient travels back in time, the COVID-19 pandemic will be stopped, eliminating the motivation for time travel. The study was conducted by the University of Queensland’s Fabio Costa and honours undergraduate student Germain Tobar.

To find out the answer to this question, scientists have looked at the earliest cases of the virus. Although the original cause was horseshoe bats, the virus has spread to humans. A pangolin was also proposed. However, this animal is threatened by extinction in China, and it is heavily traded on the black market. The pangolin is the only known source of coronavirus in humans, but it is difficult to find.

Alternative time travel theories

One way to solve this problem is to find an artificial wormhole, which would allow a person to enter and emerge from black hole years in the future. However, many scientists think that wormholes are unstable in nature due to quantum effects. Hence, a person would need to undergo some exotic augmentation to create such a space-time device. Ultimately, a natural wormhole is not a good option, as it would require exotic augmentation to achieve time travel.

Another way to solve this problem is to develop technology that can manipulate black holes. Einstein’s general theory of relativity is one of the best available theoretical tools in the field, but the equations are not enough to allow time travel. Further, it would be very difficult to construct time travel devices. Nevertheless, some groups have proposed alternative solutions for this problem. The most recent one is the ‘time travel’ theory, and its success will depend on the progress of the field.

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