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Where Is Louis Letrush Location After Stealing Frost in Skyrim?

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 26, 2022
Where Is Louis Letrush Location After Stealing Frost in Skyrim?

The quest to steal Frost in Skyrim is simple. You must find Louis Letrush, a thief in the town of Rivendell. The quest is easy, as it only requires the use of a horse. To get the horse, speak with Maven Black-Briar and get the key to his Stash Key. Then, head to the Black-Briar Lodge. Once you’ve gotten the key, go to the lodge and talk to Sibbi.

Can You Steal Frost Skyrim?

First, you need to find the key to Sibbi’s chest. It is found in the cellar of Black-Briar Lodge. You have to be careful though. You don’t want to accidentally kill the thief or get attacked. Moreover, if you get too close, Louis will attack you. Then, you can also find that Louis can duplicate himself outside of Whiterun, near the stables. If you’ve played with Frost, you might find that he gets stuck in the same place even after saving your game. In addition, if you’ve loaded a saved game with him, you’ll notice that he moves from walking to running.

Once you’ve done this, you can proceed to the next step. You must steal a horse named Frost and ride it to Louis’ quest marker. You’ll need to fight spiders and bandits on the way, but if you lose Frost or kill him, the quest will fail. This is one of the easiest steal missions in Skyrim. The rewards for completing this quest are huge, so make sure you’re prepared to do some serious exploring!

Where Can I Steal Frost In Skyrim?

The quest should be easy to complete, but it does have a few problems. The first problem is that Frost runs away at random. The only solution is to kill him. You must run the quest again to get another one. However, if you manage to sneak in and out of the manor, you can steal another one. So, if you’re a skilled thief, this is an awesome way to score some extra gold.

Where Is Louis Letrush After You Steal Frost?

If you can’t resist stealing Frost, you can also steal it from Louis Letrush. He’s a Bretonbard who just bought a very valuable horse named Frost from Sibbi Black-Briar. The deal was not finalized yet, and Sibbi was locked up in the Riften jail. Then, you need to find the horse, talk to the owner and steal it.

The second quest is the one that requires the player to steal Frost’s identity papers. The papers can be obtained from the Black-Briar Lodge. This quest requires you to steal Frost’s identity papers. To do this, you must break into the lodge and kill a member of the Black-Briar family. It is very difficult to get the same identity paper from another person. If you do this, you can save your life.

Where Can I Steal Frost Lineage Papers?

The best way to steal a horse in Skyrim is to steal from a Black-Briar Mercenary. A black briar mercenary will attack you if you fail to initiate combat with them. If you aren’t willing to fight them, they will ignore you. If you aren’t interested in killing Blackbriar thugs, you can also steal from the Black-Briar thugs.

The documents are located in the basement of the house. Enter the nearest door, steal the documents from the desk, and then turn left. You’ll then find a chest with a key to steal a treasure in the house. The player must get a key from Sibbi to open the chest to get the treasure. The chest will have the key to unlock the safe. Then, use the lockpicks and make sure to get the documents from the chest.

The Maven Black-Briar is an important character in the game. He can be killed without breaking the game. This is a good way to get a piece of gold for free. The maven will not attack you when he sees that you’re trying to steal from him. If you’ve already stolen a horse, he will attack you. If he doesn’t, you’ll have to pay him to buy the gem from him.

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